Prince Harry As The Bachelor? Reality Show Dupes Women Into Competing For Faux Prince’s Heart

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Bearded Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry walks to a Christmas Day morning service at the church on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. December 25, 2013 Reuters

Prince Harry isn’t signing up to be the next “The Bachelor” to look for love, but that’s not what a few American women are led to believe. A new reality series has been given the greenlight in the U.S., which will see unsuspecting women vying for the heart of the British royalty, only it’s not really Harry.

“I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’” was confirmed for production in August under the title “Dream Date.” The premise was largely kept a secret, but now it’s going forward on Fox network, and is planned to air in May.

According to Deadline, the reality show project, under “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest’s eponymous production company and ZigZag Prods, will see 12 single women compete for Prince William’s younger brother.

They have spent weeks at the Englefield House in Berkshire, attending a series of affairs with “Harry,” and just basically trying to impress him.

The catch is that it wasn’t Harry that they were with. It’s an average English guy that was given a royal makeover.

How the girls would react once they found out that they have been duped is all part of the “entertainment” factor of the show, of course.

Prince Harry is apparently already committed to Cressida Bonas. And if the reports are correct, he has already started royal marriage protocols, and will be proposing marriage to her soon.

This isn’t the first time women are duped into competing for the heart of a man they were told was rich. In 2003, Fox also aired the reality dating series “Joe Millionaire,” in which the women were trying to impress a handsome man named Evan Marriott, who apparently inherited millions of dollars and was in search for a bride.

Marriott wasn’t rich, though. He was a construction worker who was just groomed to act wealthy for the show.

“I Wanna Marry Harry” will debut on May 27 in the U.S.

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