Prince Charles ‘Feels Trapped’ Says Close Pal Selina Scott

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A friend of Prince Charles reveals that the next in line to the British throne "feels trapped."

Selina Scott said Prince Charles told her she is lucky because she has control over what she does.

While the two were guests in a farmhouse in Berneray, Prince Charles confided to the then TV presenter Selina Scott that he feels "totally trapped."

"You don't have your life mapped out for you for as far as you can see, for every minute, for every hour, for every day, for every year. Let me tell you there are many times when I feel totally trapped," Prince Charles confided to Ms. Scott.

Prince Charles and Selina Scott's friendship started in 1991 while Scott was dubbed as one of the darlings of daytime TV. Ms Scott, according to Express, has conducted interviews with the prince and was even a guest in his 50th birthday party held at Highgrove.

During the first time they met, the now 62-year-old Selina Scott was only 25 and served as a tourist officer in Bute. Prince Charles was in the Royal Navy at the time. 

Ms Scott said that the prince "had serious misgivings" about the throne that he felt "like a haunted man." While in Berneray, Ms Scott said Prince Charles "was free and loving" but "felt he was in a straitjacket of a life he was expected to lead."

When the Prince of Wales confided this to Selina Scott, the Royals were having a hard time improving their image after scandals hit the tabloids.

Sources say Ms Scott's friendship with Prince Charles is intriguing, especially because her appearance was always compared to that of Princess Diana.

According to Express, Princess Diana remarked on their similarities when the two were introduced. Selina reportedly replied jokingly, "I got here first." Diana, Princess of Wales, laughed at the comment, sources say.

Selina Scott never married, but there was never a shortage of men who admired here. One of her admirers, according to reports, includes Prince Andrew.

Princess Diana and Selina Scott became friends, but she was able to maintain her friendship with Princess Diana's husband Prince Charles, too. 

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