Prince Charles-Camilla Parker Bowles Affair History Revealed, Charles 'Furious' At Royal Aide-- Reports

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Prince Charles, The Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall Camilla.
Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla arrive for the second day of the Royal Ascot horse racing festival at Ascot, southern England June 18, 2014.

In his new book "On Duty With The Queen," a former royal aide has taken into writing his experience working with the British Royals, including Prince Charles and the late princess Diana, even to the extent of revealing the beginnings of the Charles- Camilla Bowles affair.

Former Press Secretary to the Queen Dickie Arbiter has been regarded by Prince Charles as "his trusted friend," someone he could trust with his secrets.  However, Charles is reportedly "furious" according to a palace source, since he has been "betrayed" in the most volatile way possible by Arbiter, according to Mirror UK.

Dickie Arbiter worked with the Queen for 12 years according to Mirror UK, and he has been on the side to witness the fallout of Prince Charles' marriage to the late Princess Diana. As well as his affair with Camilla-Parker Bowles. He was also the royal aide during Diana's affair with Dodi Fayed and was still in office at the time of her death. The now 73-year old has been around the Palace long enough to know the royal family's dirty secrets, according to the site.

His book "On Duty With The Queen" is said to reveal all of Prince Charles' best kept secrets, including how Diana coped with the revelation of Charles' affair with Camilla. The list below sums up other revelations speculated to be in the book.

  • The late Princess Diana's "dark days" as a forlorn wife and details on her humiliation over Prince Charles and Camilla's affair.
  • How Prince Charles and Diana's marriage turned "sour" after Diana was deeply in love with him at the onset of their marriage.
  • How Prince William and Prince Harry were affected by Prince Charles' affair with Camilla-Parker Bowles.
  • How the Queen and the Prince of Wales reacted over the late Princess Diana's affair with Dodi Fayed, and how they coped with her tragic death in Paris in 1997.
  • A rare glimpse into the Queen's reserved judgment over her Prime Ministers, world leaders and even of notorious business tycoon Mohamed Fayed.
  • A description of how Prince Charles and Princess Diana's then marriage counselor Jimmy Savile treated the royal secretaries. He said Saville "would walk into the office and do the rounds of the young ladies doing secretarial work, taking their hands and rubbing his lips all the way up their arms if they were wearing short sleeves."

"On Duty With The Queen" will also narrow down details to the divorce of two other royal marriages: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's divorce in 1996 and Princess Anne's separation from Mark Philips in 1992.

    According to, Dickie Arbiters' book will give a "behind the scenes" look at the palace's goings-on during its "most turbulent" age in the history of the British monarchy's realm, which Arbiter reportedly called as "the most sensational and ­salacious royal stories."

    However, officials are reportedly making arrangements to stop the book's publication. According to a Palace source, Arbiter is "cashing in on the misery of that time" and Prince Charles "has been asking aides 'Why do we have to go through this all again?'"

    According to Mirror UK, the source claimed "Arbiter has been told that he does not have official permission to write "On Duty With The Queen."

    "A legal team has reviewed all his old contracts in a bid to try and find a way to stop it," the source said.

    However, the author said his book will not break any confidentiality agreement since it is his life story.

    "This is not just a memoir of an intense dozen years but is a story of a life, my life and it's been quite an ­extraordinary one," he said.

    According to Mirror UK, Dicki Arbiter described his book "as an autobiography" which doesn't contain "any revelations." He claimed he has not breached any contract since he had "left a note at the palace telling them" he was writing "On Duty with the Queen."

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