A 'Prime Data' Special Plan For Amazon's First Smartphone

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Amazon, an e-commerce giant, has reportedly set to unveil its first smartphone after years of development. It has come up with a unique and fresh user experience that has two main focus: Amazon products and services and an interface not seen before.

The launching of an Amazon handset is almost certain. But the details are still not clear. The latest leak data was that Amazon will have a special data plan for its phone called Amazon Prime Data, which generally includes free streaming of its own films, TV shows and music. It is somewhat the same as AT&T's Sponsored Data plan that lets corporate entities foot the bill for data used in apps relevant to work.

Tech site BGR specified the smartphone's other huge selling points: 3D effects without the need to wear headgears and the distinct gesture control. The most competitive bet of Amazon's upcoming smartphone is its 3D software interface and the hardware mechanism composing it.

Amazon has recently tried to use its new technology in as many areas as possible. Right from the start on the lock screen, Amazon's new device will include several wall papers with perspectives that shift as the user tilts the phone from side to side, up and down.

The handset has five front-facing cameras - one for the standard selfies and video chat while the other low-power infrared cameras are mounted at each of the device's corners to produce the glasses-free 3D effect. This idea is to make wallpapers, app icons and even products in Amazon stores become 3D and interacting with Amazon's customer support via the company's signature Mayday service.

The cameras will be used to track the position of the user's head and arrange the on-screen effects accordingly. But the back of the device is not clear yet but assumptions are set that there is a main camera on the back for taking photos since rumors initially spread there are six cameras in total.

The device itself has reportedly been crafted for years at Amazon. Aside from the custom 3D-interface, sources also cited a 4.7-inch display which would be smaller compared to the latest big-name phone launches like Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. Its 720p display is a bit short of the now standard 1080p resolution. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and has 2 GB RAM.

The device will also run a heavily customized version of Google's Android, the same version that powers the company's Kindle Fire tablets. On the contrary, there is no much to show in terms of its outside physical component as it appears to have covered by a protective shell in its leaked image.

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