‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5 Spoilers, Air Date: Things Change When Ali Returns, Ezra Dead Plus More

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"Pretty Little Liars" season 4 finale turned out to be a great episode and it gave the season a stunning finish. From Ezra taking the bullet to Mona's manipulative ways, the episode has made way for "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 that premieres on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 Spoilers

Janel Parrish, "Pretty Little Liars" star says that everything will change when Alison returns in season 5.

Wetpaint talks to executive producer Marlene King and she teases that Hanna might go through a bit of an identity crisis.

"With Alison back on the show, Hanna's going through a bit of an identity crisis. And Caleb's coming back going through a bit of a personal crisis as well. So we might see some interesting dynamics there," says Marlene.

Ali bullied Hanna, she teased her about her weight. It will be sad if Hanna will have to suffer again because of Ali's return. Ali's comeback will not affect the Liars but also the Liars' relationships with their loved ones.

Marlene told The Hollywood Reporter that season 5 is going to be "emotionally the most complex season" they have had so far.

Caleb Rivers come back in "Pretty Little Liars" season 5. It was announced earlier that Tyler Blackburn would return on the show as a season 5 regular. Wetpaint talks to executive producers Oliver Goldstick and Marlene King about how Caleb's return.

"I think he comes back with some issues because of what he's experienced in Ravenswood," says Oliver, adding, "I think he's haunted - I don't want to use that phrase lightly - but he is haunted by things that happened there, and they kind of spill over into his life in Rosewood."

Marlene mentions that he returns as a changed person.

Will Ezra die?

Ezra saved the Liars from "A." He took the shot for them and "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 finale left the fans wondering if he would die or live.

"Pretty Little Liars" season 5 premiere will have two surgeons and a paramedic and this will be related to Ezra's wounds. It looks like he will survive.

Watch "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 on Tuesday, June 10 on ABC Family at 8 p.m. ET. 

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