Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 9 Spoilers, Sneak Peeks: March of Crimes [VIDEO]

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Hanna is going through a rough phase and she thinks alcohol is the best way to forget about the problems. However, in "Pretty Little Liars" Season 5, Episode 9, the Liars will finally intervene and as they cannot watch Hanna destroy herself. Read on and find out what is in store in the upcoming episode.

Warning: Spoilers Alert!

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5, Episode 9 - "March of Crimes" Sneak Peeks

Credit: YouTube/Pretty Little Liars Promos

In this sneak peek, Hanna and Ali have a tense moment. Ali apologises to Hanna for what happened the other night and she promises to pay for the window.

However, Hanna tells her that it is not about the window and mentions that Ali's "stupid stunts" affect the lives of many.

She wants Ali to leave her alone and states that it will be good if she can stay with some other girl.

This is when Ali says that the "group is falling apart." The sneak peek also sees Jenna. It will be great to see her in the episode.

Credit: YouTube/Pretty Little Liars Promos

In another sneak peek, Hanna tells Caleb that Zack is a big sleaze. The upcoming episode will showcase Ella and Zack's engagement.

Hanna meets Caleb in his cabin, grabs a beer and sits on the couch.

She tells him that she is not in a mood to go to the party.

Caleb asks her that why she is acting so weird about the party.

Then she tells him that Zack is a sleaze and he gave his number and wants catch up with her. The video ends before Caleb could share his views on this.

Credit: YouTube/Pretty Little Liars Promos

This sneak peek shows Detective Tanner interrogating Aria and Ella is by her daughter's side.

Tanner asks about Ezra and how Aria met him. The detective also asks about their "intimate relationship" and this is when Ella intervenes.

She asks that what does this have to do with what happened at Marin house. Tanner mentions that they have numerous open cases and it is good to "explore possible connections."

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5, Episode 9 airs Tuesday, August 5, 2014 on ABC Family.

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