Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 3 Recap and Spoilers: Surfing the Aftershocks

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Mrs. DiLaurentis is gone and it is time say goodbye to her. "Pretty Little Liars" Season 5, Episode 3 witnesses the Liars in black as Alison struggles with her mother's death.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

This article contains spoilers for "Pretty Little Liars" Season 5, Episode 3 - "Surfing the Aftershocks." Read only if wish to know more about it.

The Liars have to live and deal with Ali's lie that she was abducted and held captive for two years. The Liars are trying their best to figure out what actually happened in New York.

Moreover, what is the deal with Melissa? What is she hiding anyway?

In this episode, Hanna is going through a terrible identity crisis. Now that Ali is back she is kind of feeling threatened.

Ezra and Aria are together. Finally, 'Ezria' reunion on "Pretty Little Liars" Season 5, Episode 3.

Meanwhile, the Liars try to find out Jason's true motive. Did he try to kill Ali? Was he following her?

Some think that Jason tried to knock off Ali, however his half-sister Spencer is supporting her. She thinks he has nothing to do with Ali's disappearance.

Spencer and Emily team up to find out what is Jason's deal anyway.

Meanwhile, Aria and Hanna are on a mission to tie up loose ends with folks who know the real reason behind Ali's disappearance - Mona and Ezra.

Hanna is struggling with her place in the group and this happens when people at Rosewood High start to believe that she is Ali. It looks like she will have to redefine her style and bring the real Hanna back in the game.

Check out the synopsis for "Pretty Little Liars" Season 5, Episode 3.

"Now being forced to live through Ali's latest lie, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to cover their tracks, while simultaneously trying to piece together what happened in New York. Hanna and Aria have to close loose ends with the two people who know the truth about Ali's story - Mona and Ezra. Spencer and Emily try to find out the truth about Jason and his whereabouts the night they were in New York. Meanwhile, Hanna starts to examine who she really is - Hefty Hanna or Queen Bee Hanna - now that Ali is back."

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 episodes air Tuesdays on ABC Family.

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