‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5, Episode 2 Recap and Spoilers: ‘Whirly Girlie’

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Ali and other Liars are back in Rosewood in "Pretty Little Liars" Season 5, Episode 2 titled "Whirly Girlie" and problems are only going to get worse. Shana is dead but "A" is somewhere out there looking for the Liars.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

This article contains spoilers for "Pretty Little Liar" Season 5, Episode 2 "Whirly Girlie"

Aria is still dealing with Shana's death, the part she is worried about is that she played an active role in her death. Meanwhile, in Rosewood, the Liars find themselves under a cloud of secrets as Alison is back. Also, Ali is not comfortable sharing certain things with other girls. She will take her time to adjust and so will the Liars.

Ali is the focus in this episode and she has to live with her brother and dad. However, she is not in a state to trust them even by a little bit.

Elsewhere, it is 'Spoby' time, Toby and Spencer meet up after a long time. Toby tells her that he went to London to get info from Spence's sister. In this episode, they make out and have the 'Spoby' moment. Spencer is irritated with Alison. Toby asks her what's wrong and she avoids it.

Spencer comes to talk to Ali at the end of the episode and Jason is also in the room. Spencer asks Jason that why he was in NYC and asks if he did kidnap her. Jason rubbishes her questions with a no.

Ali informs the police that she was kidnapped and held hostage for 2 years. She says that she is safe only because of her friends. She also informs that her friends hid her in a shed in the woods.

Meanwhile, Ali goes to visit her grave and the scene between Mona and Ali is pretty intense. Ali tells Mona that she wants her to be by her side as a friend. However, Mona tells Ali that she wishes she stayed dead.

What about Ali's mother? What happened to her? Apparently, Ali's dad tells her that he cannot change the past but he will try his best to make her forget it. Meanwhile, Jason is acting all creepy and threatens Emily and Hanna when they try to figure out where Ali's mom is.

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