‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4, Episode 24 Finale Recap: ‘A is for Answers’

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Ali tells all in "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 24, "A is for Answers." In the finale episode of the season, Ali reveals everything about what happened the night she disappeared. She also speaks about her heated conversation with Ian and going face-to-face with Ezra. The finale answers the big question -who buried Ali? Perhaps, the person was Mrs. DiLaurentis.

"Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 24 finale starts with Noel Khan. He was helping Ali all this time.

Ali meets and hugs the Liars, but she does not hug Spencer. However, she still needs Spencer's help.

Alison reveals that she still cannot come home. Later, she starts to reveal everything.

"I'm ready to tell you guys everything," declares Ali.

CeCe says she knows who killed the girl. She also mentions that she has seen Ali more than once.

Ezra and Ali first met in a bar. She approached and flirted with him.

Flashback Scenes - Melissa runs into Ali and Ian. She knows that they are together. During the argument, Ali gets the video files from the NAT club.

Ali believed that Jenna was "A" and the video files would help nail this fact. However, it turns out that Jenna is not "A."

The girls are missing, and everyone is worried. Holbrook is at the Hastings house, and he sees a photo of the Liars talking to Ali in Ravenswood.

Alison mentioned that she and CeCe were roommates. "Sometimes lies are more interesting than the truth." He wanted to write a story based on Ali's life.

Ali and Ian confrontations

Ali tells Ian that she would make sure that he lands up in the jail. He clears that they never had sex. However, Ali says that she knows about his videos and tells him that she made copies of the same.

"There are things on here that could bring everyone down, including your family," threatens Ian.

Ezra is still looking out for Ali. He wants to help and win her back.

Spencer grabbed the shovel, but she did not hurt Ali. She tripped and fell. Later, Ali found her meds.

Also, Spencer is seen begging Ali that she must not tell anyone about it. Spencer is clean. Later, Ali met with Aria's dad. She talked about the tapes with him just to check if he was "A."

Someone hit Ali with a rock. Mrs DiLaurentis knows who did it. Later, she buries Ali.

It was Mona who picked Ali from the side of the road. She is the one who tells her to disappear. Meanwhile, the cops are at the wrong place. Fast forward to the rooftop scene, they cannot go anywhere now. Ezra's been shot.

What a mind blowing episode!

Now, viewers will have to wait for "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 premiere. Read more about it, here

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