‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4, Episode 22, ‘Cover for Me’ Spoilers: Findings from the Canadian Promo

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Spencer is shaky about her memory which is not a good sign for the smartest Liar. She believes that she may have had a role to play in Ali's death, and she starts to question everything. "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 22 titled "Cove for Me" will showcase Spencer's past. Will she able to find out that Ezra's notes were wrong?

This Canadian promo for "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 22 talks about Spencer's mysterious past.

Let's have a look at the points that come out of the promo.

1. A bed of dirt: The promo starts with Spencer pulling back the covers and the sight of something freaks her out. The bed is full of dirt. She struggles for breath and pulls back the cover. Is she hallucinating because of drugs or a dirty move "A?" Certainly, this is bad news for Spencer.

2. Holbrook wants answers: In the promo, Holbrook asks Hanna, "There's a couple of things I'd like to ask you." This questioning can be related to the note that Paige gave to the police in the last episode. The note about Ali being alive.

3. Ezra wants to talk: He says to someone that he really wants to talk. The sneak peek for "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 22 shows that the person is Emily.

4. Spencer talks to mommy Hastings: Spencer reminds her mother about the summer. "You and dad said you covered for me that summer," says Spencer. She is probably asking them what exactly they covered for her.

5. Mona and Ezra's scene: Mona and Emily are shown sitting in the car.

"I am surprised that it took you this long to figure it out," says Mona to Emily. Now, the Emily is the main investigator, this talk can between Mona and Em can be related to Ezra's weird behaviour all this while.

6. Flashback sequence: Blast from the past for Spencer. A flashback shows Spencer attacking someone with a shovel, perhaps, Ali.

"How am I supposed to take responsibility," says Spencer.

Watch the exciting next episode of "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 on March 4, 2014 on ABC Family at 8 p.m. ET.

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