‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4, Episode 21 Spoilers: Things to Learn from the Sneak Peeks for ‘She’s Come Undone’

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If "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 20 is the installment of uncovering the truth, then episode 21 is the installment of consequences. Aria is in pain after knowing the truth about Ezra. She is restless and angry. However, her impulsive actions might have a bad effect on her. The sneak peeks show how helpless Aria is, and she wants answers.

Things to Learn from the sneak peeks for "Pretty Little Liars" Season 4, Episode 21

1.  Aria wants to go face-to-face with Ezra: In one of the sneak peeks, Aria is walking in the halls of Rosewood. She wants to talk to Ezra one-on-one. She wants to go face-to-face with the man.  She is mad at him, and she wants him to answer.

2.  Aria's impulsive decision: Spencer and Emily fail to stop her from doing something bad like talking to Ezra in the school. Aria barges into Ezra's class only to find a replacement. "Where's Ezra?" asks angry Aria. She forgets that he is still her teacher.

3.  Spencer's parents want her to spend some time in the rehab: Bad news for Spencer. Her parents have decided that she needs detoxification and they are ready to send her off to a rehab.

4.  Spencer wants to stay back: She asks her parents to give her one chance to fight the addiction on her own.

5.  Ezra's family emergency situation: Another classic Ezra excuse? The substitute explains Aria that Ezra is taking time off due to a family emergency. Of course, Aria thinks it is a lie.

6.  Travis returns: He is back on "Pretty Little Liars" and Hanna tries to say sorry for the making-out session with him. Back then, she was not ready to move on from Caleb.

7.  Travis headed to the court: In the end of a sneak peek for "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 21, Travis mentions that he is heading to the court.

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