‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: Ezra is Suspect Number 1 on Spencer’s List

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Spencer and her detective ways are all over "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 episode 18 titled "Hot For Teacher." She was after his life, all focussed to prove Ezra and "A's" connection.

Spencer probably knows that Ezra is Broad Shorts - the only thing she needs to do is prove this to the Liars. On the February 4 episode "Hot For Teacher," she was seen compiling evidence to nail the teacher down and tell Aria the truth about her man.

Sadly, no one was willing to listen to a pill-addict like Spencer. In the episode, she looked sleep deprived. Too bad for the Liars because Spencer was spot on about Ezra, her investigations were right about the evil man.

Spencer also knew that Ezra had his eyes on her. Later, she and Hanna decided that breaking into his apartment would be a bad idea.

Aria in Ezra's Grip - Cabin of Lies and Deception

Aria just cannot see through Ezra's lies and evil ways. She is totally into him. "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 episode 18 was nothing different in the "Ezria" front. Aria spent the weekend at his forest cabin. Every time she left, Ezra would go to his basement and spy on her friends. While she was at the cabin, somehow Ezra was able to convince her that staying away from her family and friends was a cool thing. 

Hanna and Detective Holbrook - What's their deal?

Yes, detective Holbrook is a little older than Hanna, but so what, love sees no age. When they have Ezra targeting them all the time, it is cool to have detective Holbrook to save the day. 

Meanwhile, Shana started working with Emily. However, she was in trouble, but thankfully not dead. She took Emily's help to get the cash from Ali's room. She was not able to tell Emily about the money as Ezra or "A" had instructed her to leave the town and never come back.

The last shots of "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 episode 18 showed Alison in a phone booth, she was scared and looking at a picture of the Liars. Poor Alison was also crying. Scary!

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