‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4 Episode 18, ‘Hot For Teacher’: Spoilers, Official Synopsis and Promo

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The latest "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 episode 18 will air on February 4, 2014 and ABC Family has released the official synopsis and promo. Episode 18 of "PLL" season 4 sounds pretty exciting as it is Spencer vs. Ezra. It is war time. From the time, Spencee came to know that Ezra was Ali's Board Shorts, she started to go after Ezra's life. She wants to take him down. However, the biggest challenge in front of her will be convincing Aria that her man is the one behind the chaos.

Official Synopsis for "Pretty Little Liars" Season 4 Episode 18, "Hot For Teacher"

"With Spencer's possible Board Shorts revelation, she is now more determined than ever to prove her theory before bringing it to the other girls' attention - especially since it could have a devastating effect on one of the Liars. But with many sleepless nights fueled by prescription medication, Hanna starts to notice Spencer's odd behavior. Will Detective Hanna be able to figure out Spencer's secret before Spencer is ready to share?

Meanwhile, Emily looks to make amends with Alison through Shana, and all of Aria's lies start to take a toll on her."

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 4 Episode 18, "Hot For Teacher" Promo

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In the promo, it seems like Hanna is getting concerned about Spencer and why not, the latter has spent numerous sleepless nights figuring "A's" clues in Ali's diary. However, when she is face-to-face with Ezra, things could turn ugly.

"Sloppy work leads to consequences. I'd hate to see you suffer," says Ezra. He is talking about Spencer's sloppy school work but what he really means here is that if she continues to investigate, she is dead.

"Pretty Little Liars" season 4 episode 18 is titled "Hot For Teacher" and the key hot teacher here is Ezra.

The new episode of "Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesday, February 4, 2014 on ABC Family.

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