'Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4 Episode 17, ‘Bite Your Tongue’ Sneak Peek: Who is Going to ‘Suck it Up?’ Mona or Aria?

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The latest sneak peek of "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 episode 17, "Bite Your Tongue" showcases the ultimate Mona and Aria showdown. The 50-second sneak peek is action-packed in terms of the word war between Aria and Mona. So, who is finally going to "suck it up?"

There is a new guidance counsellor in town, and he also happens to be Mona's new best buddy. In this new "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 episode 17 sneak peek, Mona blames Aria for all the pain. She also tells Aria how much she and the other Liars have hurt her all this time.

Mona tells Aria that Jesse warned her that this would happen. She goes and explains who Jesse is.

"The new guidance counselor that's the best thing that's happened to this friggin' school since we got a coffee cart. He sees through the bull, and he has a gift of bringing people together who need each other."

Aria doesn't appreciate Mona's argument about the new counsellor. She is not cool with Mona playing the new counsellor game with her. Aria counters and says that if Jesse made that little love connection.

Aria then blasts Mona and tells her that she always has an agenda when it comes to her friends. Mona retorts and mentions that Aria and her friends are the ones with the agenda.

"After I helped Hanna's mom get out of jail, I was burned off like a wart," explains Aria but Mona is not convinced.

"Then tell me: what happened? Why was I iced out after the charges were dropped? Why did the inner circle squeezes me out again?" asks Mona.

Mona bombards her with questions.

At this point, Aria breaks eye contact and looks away. Mona understands, and she is angry.

 "Well, I'm tired of being yo-yoed. And I am hanging out with a different crowd now. So, suck it up, Aria."

Well, the last dialogue says it all. 

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