Pregnant Katie Price Bombshell Tweets: Divorce Number Three on the Way

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It looks like six-month pregnant Katie Price is on her way to a third divorce as revealed in her bombshell tweets on Wednesday.

The millionaire announced that she is divorcing her husband of more than a year, Kieran Hayler, for alleged full blown sexual affair with her best friend Jane Pountney for already seven months. She describes her experience as the 'worse pain in the world.'

This will be the third divorce that the former glamour model will experience. She divorced her first husband Peter Andre in 2009 after three-and-a-half year of marriage blaming each other on their split.

The mom-of-four also divorced her second husband Alex Reid in 2012 within a year of marriage on grounds of unreasonable behavior. The pronouncement of their divorce just took 55 seconds.

The irately worded tweets that she posted on Wednesday read: "Sorry to say me and Kieran are divorcing him and my best friend Jane Pountney bee having a full blown sexual affair for 7 months."

The tweet was followed with hateful words to both her husband and her best friend. She tweeted: "Jane pountney is 50 next year cloned into me with my help she is a whore , home wrecker slut." Another tweet stated: "Kieran is a disgusting human being doing this after I've just had a baby and still doing it till I caught them."

The model and TV personality's announcement of the third divorce came out of the blue just days after she confirmed her second pregnancy with Hayler which is already on the sixth month.

"No human being deserves this especially being 6 months pregnant," she tweeted.

The couple who married in January 23 after a whirlwind romance has an eight-month-old son Jett.

According to an article from The Metro, the model turned businesswoman stated her happiness about the recent announcement of her pregnancy. "I've never been this happy with anyone before. With me and Kieran it's all about the kids and being together and just having a family. I'm much more chilled -- I haven't even had mad pregnancy hormones so I think that must be down to the fact he makes me so happy."

However, her happiness the week before was short-lived for it seems that Katie Price is now nursing another doomed relationship.

Here are the series of tweets from Katie Price.

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