Pregnant Kate Middleton Vows to Stay Fashionable Despite Vivienne Westwood Bashing [PHOTOS]


High fashion designer Vivienne Westwood expressed her dismay over the Duchess' constant need to appear in new outfits, but the pregnant Catherine wishes to continue the style legacy she has established at an early stage.

Kate Middleton has always been known to appear in public events looking elegant, sporting designs from up-and-coming and high end fashion houses, ranging from Zara to Alexander McQueen. Though the fashion world and followers seem to be delighted with this grand display of clothing, designer Vivienne Westwood feels otherwise.

"I think it would be great if she wore the same clothes over and again, because that's very good for the environment and it would send out a very nice message." said Westwood in a report. Contrary to her belief, the Duchess is indeed seen repeating several of her outfits, including her favorite Reiss beige above-the-knee dress.

Fashion experts are defending the Duchess against Westwood's remarks, saying that Catherine is truly a bargain and a practical shopper and only buys expensive clothes for red carpet affairs.

"Kate is also a canny shopper. The blue tweed M Missoni coat she's been pictured in several times was purchased at the designer outlet Bicester Village where high fashion garments can be bought for a fraction of their normal price." says fashion expert Anna Krakowski.

One factor that Vivienne that might have urged Westwood to say those comments is the apparent "Kate Middleton effect." The "effect" urges shoppers and fashionistas around the world instantly look and shop for anything the Duchess wears to mimic her "elegant look." This only proves that the Duchess is indeed a style icon.

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