Pregnant Kate Middleton, Experiencing Stress over The Queen's Old Baby Furniture [PHOTOS]


The leaked bikini photos aren't the only ones making a stressed pregnant Kate Middleton. It seems that the Duchess is frustrated over The Queen's orders to haul 86-year-old baby furniture from the palace dungeon for William and Kate's use.

Surprisingly for a high profile Duchess, Catherine is known for minimal wants and practicality. But this character trait does not cover her want for modern baby furniture for her future child. She wants the "in," space-saving and ultra-chic designs, but unfortunately, her grandmother-in-law wishes for old baby furniture now that the royal heir is on its way.

According to a report, The Queen has ordered the old furniture to be hauled, dusted and placed in William and Kate's nursery. Some of the furniture are as old as 86 years old, and some are considered antiques.

Catherine is not known to be the "primadonna" type; and will most likely let The Queen design the nursery. But her kindness mixed with smarts lets her have the modern baby furniture she wants in a sneaky way.

"Kate's devised a plan to get exactly what she wants. She's secretly registered with this American company, and her friends will be given a secret code to access the registry - then purchase the nursery items on her wish list." reveals a source close to the Duchess.

William is also quite torn with the decision of her grandmother to chime in on his and Catherine's decision to decorate the nursery. Since the palace is too big to quarrel for the look of one room, the Duke has created a solution that will put both Catherine and the Queen at ease.

"William's actually suggested to Kate that they could quietly set up TWO nurseries - sort of a 'Hers' and 'Ours!"

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