Prank ATM Robbery Ends With Blood – Video Goes Viral [Watch Video]

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Three youths in Sydney, Australia tried a social experiment that went horribly wrong. They staged an ATM robbery ending up with one of them getting a bloody nose. The YouTube video of the incident has gone viral.

The social experiment was aimed if the bystanders would come to help someone in trouble. In each instance, the bystanders came to the rescue to the person being robbed. In the last act, one of the bystanders decided to punch the "robber," giving him a bloody nose.

The stunt by the trio has been uploaded on YouTube and the video has gone viral. Several reactions poured in with an overwhelming majority of them being negative and advising the pranksters not to create trouble in a public place and waste other peoples' time.

The viral video clearly showed that people in Sydney will come to aid a fellow man in need. But the youths could have chosen a better way to experiment and demonstrate this. The YouTube channel of the viral video is Reckless Youth.

There have been other efforts to create a viral video by the youths. One of the video has the title, "Public Fight Prank Gone Wrong (Arrested)." The video showed two boys putting on a mock fight in a public place only to be held by the security in the area.

Many of the comments suggested the youth got what he deserved when he got punched in the face and he was lucky things did not get really out of hand. He could have sustained some serious injury while attempting this social experiment.

The other video from the Reckless Youth was about a prank on a sleeping friend. A table was placed on top of a sleeping man and the prankster started to strike the top of the table to wake his friend. The video however did not go viral.

The introduction video of the YouTube channel promises to bring more pranks to entertain their audience. Viral videos tend to push unknown people to fame in a very short period at a very low cost.

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