Powerful S-Pen on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 Allows for Actual Writing and More

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It may be oversized but Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 is a big-seller and in just 60 days five million global buyers grabbed this powerful and large-screen smartphone that aims to convince consumers they're getting more than what they paid for.

Apart from being a certified head-turner, the Note 2 has been gaining popularity mostly on its productivity features, which Samsung said is one of the phablet's main-selling points.

Core to this offering is the S-Pen stylus, which in the first edition was impressive enough, experts said, and belied earlier assertions by the late Steve Jobs that gadget lovers would not want anything but their fingers to manipulate their tablet or smartphone.

Samsung has successfully reintroduced the concept of actually writing on a device screen, which according to reviewers of the Note 2 is a breeze many thanks to the top-notch engineering responsible for the S-Pen.

And this signature Samsung stylus is not just limited on jotting down notes, PC World said. Its most notable use is to allow for a sizeable peek of what's inside the Note 2 through a feature called Airview, which previews "multimedia files, email and more just by hovering the S Pen over a photo, video clip or message."

The S-Pen also comes handy in reviewing PowerPoint presentations, which in the Note 2 can be sufficiently annotated without the need of transferring the document to a PC for editing. The stylus simply does the job almost in a jiffy, PC World said.

This Note 2 tool is also very useful in performing quick image editing such as clipping and other personalisation tweaks preferred by users such as including digital signatures on each email they fire off, added the tech site.

But for Evan Selleck of PhoneDog.com, the S-Pen empowers users to actually claim back what they do best before the advent of keyboard typing and touchscreen tapping - writing but this time on a screen they hold on their hand.

Because of the potent input tool that is the Note 2's S-Pen "I've completely stopped typing on my phone altogether," Mr Selleck wrote on his blog.

"I started using the stylus for everything on the Galaxy Note 2, and it happened so suddenly that I didn't realize the transition had happened. Now, more often than not, I have the stylus out and I'm usually entering text with it, in one app or another," he added.

This reclaimed love for 'writing' felt so good that texting or emailing back seemed to have easily slipped out of consciousness when using the Note 2, the blog said.

"I am, for all intents and purposes, replying to people on my smartphone by, literally, writing them back," Mr Selleck wrote.

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