Power (Play) Failure: Brooklyn Nets to Fire Jason Kidd, Milwaukee Bucks Interested

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Brooklyn Nets 94, Toronto Raptors 87
Brooklyn Nets 94, Toronto Raptors 87 Reuters

Jason Kidd was known for his great vision when he was still playing in the NBA. He lacked foresight as a head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

One of Kidd’s demands in the offseason was for him to have a dual role of general manager-head coach; the greed and “power play” will now most likely cost him his current job as the Nets have also allowed the Milwaukee Bucks to interview Kidd—a sure sign that indeed he’s on his way out of Brooklyn.

It was just one of the many supposed transgressions by Kidd in Brooklyn. Throughout the Nets up-and-down season, controversies like the one involving assistant Lawrence Frank, who was eventually demoted to the

"Nothing was ever good enough for Jason," according to an article on ESPN.COM. "He always had to be appeased on personnel, and he would play Monday morning quarterback if it didn't work out. It was like a kid constantly asking for new toys to stay happy. ... If he doesn't get what he wants he sits in the corner and sucks his thumb and pouts until he gets it, and he doesn't care about the consequences."

Kidd delivered the Nets to a postseason slot but was never considered serious East contenders. They beat the Toronto Raptors in seven games in the first round but faltered in the next round against the Miami Heat losing in just five games.

With an uncertain future in Brooklyn, Kidd is now looking at the Bucks franchise where he can continue his power play.

"The two teams already have been discussing possible compensation to release Kidd from the final three years of his original four-year, $10.5 million contract,” according to the New York Post.

The Nets reportedly want a first-rounder from the Bucks but the latter will only offer a second-rounder for Kidd’s services. Brooklyn has also started their own coaching search and according to reports, Lionell Holllins, formerly of the Memphis Grizzlies, is one of the early frontrunners.

Where will Kidd land? And will he continue to clash heads with his bosses wherever he coaches?

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