Potential Hollywood Women Perfect for Justin Bieber: From Carly Rae Jepsen to Barbara Palvin [PHOTOS]

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"Beliebers" are rejoicing that Justin Bieber is once again single. While some fans are fantasizing over the chance of dating the 18-year old singer, a few hot models have already beaten them to it.

Justin isn't crying over his break-up with Selena and is in fact already swiftly moving on. With a lot of hot Hollywood women in the business, who among them would be the perfect pair for the Canadian crooner? Find out here.

Only weeks have past and already Justin Bieber has moved on like the break-up meant nothing to him. Sure the tears and the tweets might say Bieber is broken but with his recent dates with a certain Victoria's Secret Model, broken-hearted is the last word to describe Bieber.

Being only 18, there are certainly a lot of young Hollywood actresses, models and singers fit for the Canadian crooner. However, not all of them might fit to Justin Bieber's tastes. What exactly does Justin Bieber look for in a girl anyway?

"A funny, brunette girl who can have civil conversations," said Justin in an interview with US Weekly back in 2011 of which had clearly pointed out to Selena Gomez.

Another answer by Justin Bieber in his past interview about types of girls he would most likely date states: "I like funny girls, anyone that can make me laugh is a winner, for sure. I don't want a girl who is taller than me. I like both brunette's and blonde's, so that doesn't matter to me, although brunettes are really pretty."

"I like girls who are honest and sweet and like to have fun and goof around. I would be looking for someone that I could be myself around and be able to tell them everything and be best friends with each other. She doesn't have to be famous or be a singer. I don't like anyone who lies or is selfish or bossy, or anyone superficial, those are turn-offs. I don't like bullies. It doesn't really matter what she looks like, being pretty is just a plus. What counts is her personality."

So to summarize Justin's type, the 18-year old would most likely date someone who is blonde or brunette, funny, sweet, honest, conversational and funny. Check out the slideshow to see who fits the category.

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