Potential Hollywood Men Perfect for Selena Gomez: From Shia LaBeouf to Dylan O'Brien [PHOTOS]

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have officially called it off. So while some fans are mourning the end to their favorite "Jelena" duo, some are lining up to get the chance to date Selena or Justin. However with a lot of famous names in Hollywood, someone else famous might just get the chance. Given "Glamour's Woman of the Year 2012" is now single, who among Hollywood's hottest is best fit for Selena Gomez?

Gomez has a lot on her plate and surely a new love life is out of the plans for now. Yet, that won't stop Selena fans from trying to pair her off with other actors and singers in the business. So while Justin is busy looking for his girlfriend replacement, Selena should also be busy finding hers as well.

The 20-year old Latina need not look further because here is a list of men perfect for the singer and actress. Before introducing these fine men, Gomez had mentioned the qualities of a perfect beau in her past interviews.

"They have to be nice, they have to be a gentleman and just confident within themselves but also have qualities about them that you can tell make them shy," said Gomez in an interview with OMG! Music back in 2010.

Gomez's BFF, Demi Lovato also shared a thing or two about Gomez's ideal beau.

"I think the perfect guy for Selena would have an inner nerd in him," explained Lovato, adding, "Someone that's really funny but also is willing to give her a lot of her spare time. She deserves someone that's gonna be there for her 24/7."

So to wrap those characteristics up, Gomez's ideal guy should be funny, a gentleman, willing to be with her 24/7 and is a bit shy. Well, click on the slideshow to find out who among Hollywood's hottest could be Selena's next beau.

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