Potential Harry Styles' Girlfriends: From Cara Delevigne to Rita Ora [PHOTOS]


Now that the "Haylor" drama is over and done, Harry Styles of One Direction can certainly start dating again. Well, Harry already has started dating around just days after the famed split from Taylor Swift. Yet, with all the eligible bachelorettes in the business, who among them are potential girlfriends for Harry Styles?

First off is model Cara Delevingne. Every "Directioner" knows that before Swift came into the picture, Cara Delevingne had caught Harry's eye first. Things didn't quite go well at first due to Cara's busy modelling schedule and conflicts with her modelling agency. With Swift out of the picture once again, it has been rumoured that Styles has been rekindling the flame with Delevingne.

Another possible beau for Styles is Cara Delevingne's best friend forever, Rita Ora. The pair has countless photographs together on Instagram and Twitter. Obviously, Rita Ora has great taste in women and the same goes for Cara so the possibility of Harry falling for Rita isn't far off. Given Rita does have a thing for British boys, having stated in an interview she'd bang Pattinson, Harry Styles is one other British cutie she could do over.

If Rita Ora doesn't strike Harry Styles' fancy, the 18-year old singer could push his luck with RnB princess, Rihanna. In fact, a chance of Harry and Rihanna ever hooking up could be close to reality. In separate interviews, Rihanna admitted to finding Styles completely irresistible.

"Wow, he's a star," said Rihanna, adding, "He seems very sure, like he had been doing this before. It seems, like, it's so natural to him."

Styles had the same mutual feeling to which he answered with: "That is absolutely incredible. I'd love to hook up."

Demi Lovato is another potential mate for Harry Styles. However, Niall Horan had caught Lovato's eye first so chances of Demi and Harry ever hooking up are quite slim. On the other hand, Harry Styles could push his luck with Demi's former BFF, Selena Gomez. With Selena back on the market, the lovely Latina could definitely strike up a romance with the British cutie - that is if Taylor Swift doesn't have a say on the matter.

Selena's co-star from "Spring Breakers", Ashley Benson is also another likely match with Styles. If this Ashley doesn't suit Styles' taste then Ashley Greene of "Twilight" could just be another match for the singer.

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