Pot Party at 420 and Medical Marijuana Legalization: Bane or Boon?

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As thousands of hippies in pot party spirit flock to the 420 International Day of Celebration at Mount Royal in Denver, Colorado at the legalization of medical marijuana in 20 states in United States of America, the debate burns hotly as the looser group tries to combat this new law.

Those who attended the 420 gathering were able to purchase edible goods like peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies that contains about half gram of marijuana for just $5. The pot pilgrims basked in the sunshine as they savor as large smoke of pot wafted through the air.

While teens enjoyed the large pot session, advocates are pushing higher on their cause that this liquid form of medical marijuana strain called "Charlotte's Web" is beneficial to children with pediatric epilepsy. Parents with children who suffer this illness have taken their move to the states where this medicine is legal.

Democrats and Republicans alike capitalized that kids who have been applied with this medicine have shown positive results. The euphoric feeling associated with marijuana is not observed in Charlotte's web for the growers of this plant have removed most of the THC component.

In a report from WISTV, Republican State Senator from South Carolina Tom Davis stated: "It doesn't really fit into a pigeon hole in terms of 'this is what Democrats' and 'this is what Republicans' are for. I think it's immoral to not allow it."

For the pro-marijuana legalization group, this medicine is even safer than alcohol and is almost impossible to get overdose when ingested. Its legalization will move the plant to the valuable and diverse crop category with the potential of using it for bio-fuel.

The anti-marijuana legalization group is also taking double efforts to curb the legalization of medical marijuana in the states of Florida, Oregon, and Alaska. The Charlotte's Web drug is being pushed to fall under the Schedule 1 category for controlled substances with no medical usage and high risks.

In a news report from CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta stated: "I am doubling down on medical marijuana. What they're getting is cookies and candies and ring pops that are targeted at kids. What they thought they were getting was allowing adults to smoke unencumbered in their own basement," he said.

Even the American Cancer Society remained steadfast in its stand that marijuana is dangerous and should remain as illegal drug although it is open for additional research and strategy to utilize it for health purposes.

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