Possible Bad Influence: Kylie Jenner Hangs Out with Lil Za Hours After Drug Possession Charge


Justin Bieber's friend Lil Za was hanging out with "Keeping with the Kardashians" star Kylie Jenner hours after he was arrested for drug possession. Bruce Jenner's daughter was spotted leaving with Lil Za, real name Xavier Smith, in the Sunset Marquis Hotel where they had partied with a group of friends, according to Splash News.

The 20-year-old Lil Za was hanging out with the 16-year-old Jenner hours after he was officially charged with two counts of felony drug possession. Drugs is not just his forte, he was also charge of one count of causing damage in excess of $950 at the jail where he was being held.

Back in January, the youngster was also taken into police custody when he got himself involved with pal Justin Bieber following their famous egging incident. Police raided the controversial star's Calabasas home after an egg-attack on his neighbors home.

A now convicted felon, Lil Za is clearly not a good influence for the young Jenner. Hollywood Life even called the attention of Kris Jenner to stop Kylie "from hanging out with the convicted felon." The two reportedly spent the Super Bowl weekend as Lil Za posted a number of photos of them together on his Shots account.

One of the pictures that are making rounds in the net is where Kylie strikes a pose of her newly colored locks while Lil Za is showing off his blinged up grillz. It appears that the two are having a great time hanging out and just spending time with each other.

While Lil Zha is in police custody, Kylie shared a lengthy Twitter message quoting Louise Flory: "Look at you. You're young. And you're scared. Why are you so scared? Stop being paralysed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring what other people think. Wear what you want."

"Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Play it loud as f**k and dance to it. Go out for a drive at midnight and forget that you have school the next day. Stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it now. Take risks. Tell secrets. This life is yours. When are you going to realise that you can do whatever you want?"

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