Portia De Rossi Plans to Have a Baby with Wife Ellen DeGeneres to Save Marriage from Divorce, Report Suggests

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Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are surrounded with divorce rumours and speculations. Reports by various media outlets suggest that the power couple is going through difficult patch in their six years of marriage. According to the latest report, Portia De Rossi, now, wants to start a family.

Citing the claims of In Touch magazine, Radar Online reports that after her rehab stint Portia De Rossi has "babies on the brain." The Web site notes that the news comes a year after "Arrested Development" actress Portia De Rossi "vowed" to never have kids with her talk show host wife Ellen DeGeneres. The report suggests that marriage crisis may have changed the actress' mind.

A friend of couple has told the magazine that Portia De Rossi "only talks about beginning a new chapter," which means "starting a family." As for Ellen DeGeneres, she is not as eager as Portia De Rossi. However, she is "going along with it because she's desperate."

Portia De Rossi seems to be swiftly working towards the cause of saving her marriage from divorce. The magazine claims that Portia De Rossi has approached Center for Surrogate Parenting in Encino, California for the same.

Furthermore, it is reported that Portia also taped a video to convince her wife Ellen for the baby.

"Portia made a video montage of Ellen with kids she's interviewed over the years... It really choked Ellen up," the insider revealed to the magazine. The report suggests, this was followed by Portia hugging Ellen and telling her that she will "be the best mother ever."

Portia De Rossi reportedly thinks that "a child will bond her and Ellen forever."

The news has been followed by another report by Radar Online claiming that the couple has just bought a luxury house in Beverly Hills. They reportedly purchased an "entire floor of a luxury building in Beverly Hills."

Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres maybe going through difficult patch in marriage but the couple is eager to work things out together. The couple is not yet ready to give up on their marriage and end in divorce. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi married each other in 2008 and will be celebrating their sixth anniversary in the month of August.

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