Portia De Rossi Feels Neglected by Ellen Degeneres and Jealous of Gillian Anderson

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Rumors of Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi divorcing would not stop. One would wonder if this is because very few believe their relationship can work in the first place or there really is an issue between them that they are currently keeping mum about. One issue that made current news is Portia de Rossi's resentment that Ellen Degeneres is not giving her the attention she deserves. Portia De Rossi is said to be resentful of the fact that Ellen Degeneres seems to have a big crush of Gillian Anderson, works all the time, looks for a new real estate to purchase during her free time, and does not want her to have a baby. In fact, that sounds like a lot of issues.

According to Showbiz Spy, Portia de Rossi is demanding more attention from Ellen Degeneres because she feels like a third wheel against Ellen Degeneres' passion for her work and buying of real estate.

"Portia is very demanding," the site reports. "She wants Ellen to work less, and spend more time with her. But Ellen doesn't want to - she has worked hard to get to where she is, and isn't going to let things slide. They both have expensive tastes, and Ellen has to work hard so they can afford them!"

In addition, Portia de Rossi is getting hit by her jealous streak. She is very suspicious about Ellen's crush on Gillian Anderson and thinks the comedian will act on this crush.

"Ellen and Gillian have been close friends for years and set tongues wagging when they were caught sharing a steamy lip lock in 2000," a source said.

"Ellen has always had a major crush on Gillian, but she's sworn up and down to Portia nothing happened between them. But Portia doesn't believe her. Ellen and Gillian adore each other. Portia's not too happy about it and wants them to stop communicating. She's afraid Ellen will be tempted to stray, even though the funnygal insists that would never happen," added the source.

In addition, even though they have agreed about not having a child, Portia de Rossi's mother instincts are starting to kick in.  According to the May 5th print edition of National Enquirer, Portia's thinking seems to have completely changed, probably because she feels alone even though she knows Ellen Degeneres loves her a lot. The older woman working all the time is not helping.

However, these can just be rumors. After all, Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi can still be seen out and about always looking cuddly and happy. Anyone can have a hard time thinking they're going through a bad time when they're sharing an expensive dinner and laughing their hearts out while eating. 

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