Pope Francis Lives Up to Name Taken From Patron Saint of Animals, Lets Talking Parrot Land on His Fingers

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From a used car to a Harley Davidson motorcycle, the very charismatic and lovable Pope Francis continues to be spoilt by the Catholic faithful with various gifts to show their love and admiration for the pontiff.

The latest gift offered to him on Wednesday was a talking parrot named Amore from man named Francesco Lombardi. The bird landed on his finger for a few seconds and mimicked the crowd with the word "Papa" which the papal audience was chanting.

The incident showed that Francis draws animals, including winged creatures, to his kind nature, similar to his namesake, St Francis of Assisi who is known as the patron saint of animals.

Click here for the photo of Pope Francis with Amore.

The offer of the bird happened with no untoward incident, unlike what happened on Sunday when two children beside him released two doves to symbolise peace. But the white doves were attacked by two angry birds, namely a seagull and a black crow.

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The attack caused the doves to lose some feathers, but they eventually escaped from the claws of the predators. However, the incident was interpreted by some doomsday prophets as an omen of things to come because the release of the doves was preceded by a prayer of Pope Francis for peace in Ukraine.

As a result of the widely publicised attack on the symbols of peace, an animal rights group appealed to Pope Francis to stop the practice of releasing doves because the birds of peace are being sent to their deaths as they are unable to survive in the bird-eat-bird world.

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