Pope Francis Chats, Waves and Poses for 'Selfie' After Palm Sunday Mass

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Pope Francis greets youths after leading the Palm Sunday mass at Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican
Pope Francis greets youths after leading the Palm Sunday mass at Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican April 13, 2014.

The crowd gathered during the Palm Sunday Mass in Vatican City couldn't have been in a more casual setting than on a regular day in a regular place as Pope Francis put his prepared homily aside and reportedly spoke spontaneously for about 15 minutes. If that wasn't enough, the Pope apparently made a chat, waved, and then posed for 'selfie' with the crowd after the said mass.

According to CatholicCulture.org, Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week wherein Jesus Christ's entry to Jerusalem is being commemorated. The Roman Catholic Church forms a Palm Sunday procession that is usually followed by the "Liturgy of Palm Sunday" wherein the priests and deacons of the church wear red vestments, which symbolizes the blood shed at Jesus' crucifixion, during the Mass.

But reports say that instead of following the normal order of homily, Pope Francis amicably went for a more casual tack. Though unusual, the pope seemingly got the public's hearts when his homily only included calling on people, including himself, to look into their own hearts and see how they are living their lives.

"Has my life fallen asleep?" Pope Francis asked the crowd, according to an Independent report, after having just heard a Gospel story wherein Jesus' disciples fell asleep before Judas betrayed him and before he was crucified.

"Am I like Pontius Pilate, who, when he sees the situation is difficult, washes my hands?" the pope added.

Fox News reported that the pope sounded tired and had to frequently pause to catch his breath, as he spoke for about 15 minutes during the Palm Sunday Mass in front of what was roughly a crowd of around 100,000 Romans, tourists and pilgrims.

The attendees were said to be clutching "olive tree branches, tall palm fronds or tiny braided palm leaves shaped like crosses that were blessed by Francis at the start of the ceremony."

Pope Francis went on by asking a question that the pope said should accompany the people throughout the Holy Week.

"Where is my heart?" the pope reportedly asked.

Later on, instead of moving away in his car, the pope having barely gotten inside, reportedly got off again and faced the packed St. Peter's Square to pose for "selfies" with the youth. The pope even started moving around, and apparently had gotten himself to drink some tea passed to him by the crowd.

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