Police Rescue Man Lost In Own Garden In Noonamah

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A Northern Territory man has called for help after he got lost in his own garden. Eventually, he was rescued by police merely 300 meters away from his home.

NT News reported the man called himself an "idiot" who felt like a "right royal wanker." He requested not to disclose his identity and NT News agreed. The man was randomly known as "Jason," apparently putting every other Jason in the country to shame. He said he did not know how he managed to get in "long grass." He wondered where he was.

Jason used to live in Sydney and then moved to Northern Territory in September 2013. It was a Monday on March 3 when he was watching UFC while drinking beer at his parents' property in Noonamah. After he had about five Coopers, his dog Mumbles started getting restless. When he looked out of the window, he believed he saw a dingo. But he claimed he had no idea what exactly it was.

He kept on claiming he was not "drunk" that night when he merely in his shorts decided to follow the dingo. He only had his mobile phone which had a dying battery. It had been only 2 weeks for him to be in the property so he was not much aware of the surroundings. He soon found himself in the middle of nowhere.

He started chatting with his wife on Facebook. He told her that it was time for him to "call for help."

He called "000" but the first operator did not consider it as an emergency. When he called the second time, the operator got in touch with NT Police. Jason had managed to sleep there for an hour before police rescued him. Jason thanked police and neighbors who helped the rescue team.

Another Territory man earlier called police reporting that someone had stolen his car. Later, his car was found at the exact spot where he parked it earlier.

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