'Pokemon X and Y': Ultimate Pokemon Evolution Cheats

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"Pokemon X and Y" are all that you can think at the moment. You are building up strategies to evolve your favourite pokemon and make the ultimate Pokemon party. Here are some ultimate pokemon evolution cheats for the new game "Pokemon X and Y."

In this new game "Pokemon X and Y," some Pokemon are already evolved or they can be evolved while playing the game. Why are evolved Pokemon essential for the game? It is because an evolved Pokemon is stronger and becomes a developed type of itself. For instance, the new Pokemon, Pancham transforms into a gigantic, aggressive Pangoro.

There is no explicit way for the evolution of Pokemon. Each of them may have a different style of evolution.

Here are some Pokemon evolution cheats for "Pokemon X and Y."

Pancham's Evolution to Pangoro - This new Pokemon is a type which turns into fighting and dark type. To evolve this, you need to fight with its basic form till level 32. Once you have completed this level, you need to put Pancham with dark type of Pokemon in your party. Once you complete these steps, Pancham will develop into Pangoro in Level 33.

Eevee's Evolution to Sylveon - This is one of the most sought after evolution of the new "Pokemon X and Y." In the first step, you need to play Pokemon Amie and raise the stats. This one needs patience as you need to play with Eevee, pet it and feed it. It will allow a boost in attributes like enjoyment, affection and fullness. Once you reach the highest level of these attributes on Eevee will transform into Sylveon.

Goomy's Evolution to Sliggoo and Goodra - Goomy is a new Pokemon and is categorised as a dragon type. It evolves twice in the game. For its first evolution, Sliggoo reach level 40 and for its second evolution of Goodra reach level 50. But you need it to rain, for that, take Route 14 because here it rains quite often.

Inkay's Evolution to Malamar - To transform Inkay into Malamar you need to first complete 30 levels. Keep an eye; anytime after this level you can evolve Inkay into its stronger avatar. Look for the 3DS handheld and turn it upside-down. Once you figured this Inkay will turn into Malamar.

Tyrunt's Evolution to Tyrantrum - Tyrunt is a fossil type Pokemon which can be attained by grabbing Jaw or sail fossil. To evolve Tyrunt, reach level 39 only during the day and it will turn into its advance form.

Amaura's Evolution to Aurorus - Like Tyrunt, Amaura is also a fossil Pokemon acquired by picking up Jaw or Sail fossil. To evolve this Pokemon into Aurorus reach level 39 during the night.

Spritzee's and Swirlix's Evolution - These two Pokemon will evolve only when they are swapped with another trainer while they are holding specific things. For Spritzee to evolve into Aromatisse trade it when it is holding a sachet and for Swirlix trade it when it is holding an object, whipped dream.

Above-mentioned are some of the ultimate Pokemon evolution cheats for "Pokemon X and Y." Now go ahead and create the best party to master the game.

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