Pokemon X and Y Torchic Distribution for the Mega Evolution of Blaziken [VIDEO]

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Pokemon X and Y players can now get a special Torchic Pokemon holding a Blazikenite, which is a Mega Stone that can transform Blaziken into the Mega-Evolved Pokemon, Mega Blaziken.

According to the official Pokemon X and Y website, the special Torchic and the Blazikenite cannot be acquired through normal gameplay. It can only be obtained via the Nintendo Network by connecting one's Nintendo 3DS game console to a Wireless Internet connection.

This special Torchic is equipped with a Hidden Ability Speed Boost which increases speed at the end of every turn. It is an extremely rare Level 10 Pokemon with knowledge of several moves including Focus Energy, Growl, Scratch and Ember.

Torchic Distribution Instructions:

1. Connect to the Internet - Players must have a broadband Internet connection (Cable, DSL, FIOS) with speeds of 1Mbps or more. They should also have a wireless router connected to the broadband Internet connection.

2. From the HOME menu, tap on the System Settings Icon

3. Tap "Internet Settings"

4. Tap "Connection Settings"

5. Tap "New Connection"

6. Tap "Manual Setup" when asked if you would like help with the Internet connection setup

7. Tap "Search for an Access Point"

8. Once the search is complete, locate and tap the name of your wireless access point

9. If prompted to enter a security key, use the keyboard on the lower screen to enter the security key and tap "OK" after. If you are not prompted to enter a security key, skip to the next step.

10. Tap "OK" to save your settings

11. Tap "OK" again to begin a connection test.


  •  Successful - your system is now connected online.
  • Not Successful - you will receive an error code. Try the error code lookup for detailed information on many common error codes. This is located on the left side of this page.

After a Successful Connection Test:

1. Complete the Update - this could take a few minutes. If the progress bar is stuck, power off the system and try to update again.

2. Review the User Agreements - these are found on the "Internet" settings menu.

You now have access to wireless game play over the Internet, your Friend List, messages and updates. More importantly, you can finally receive the special Torchic Pokemon holding a Blazikenite for the Mega Evolution of Blaziken.

Steps to Receive the Torchic holding a Blazikenite Mega Stone:

1. Select the Mystery Gift on the main menu

2. Select Receive Gift, then Yes

3. Select Get Via Internet, then Yes

4. Watch as you receive Torchic (Message says: "The gift has been received!")

5. Speak to the delivery girl in any Pokemon Center to receive the special Torchic (Message says: "Player received Torchic!")

6. Save the game

Torchic is a Fire-type starter Pokemon that evolves into Combusken at level 16. And then, it evolves into Blaziken at level 36. As its name suggests, it is a chick with yellow wings and is covered in orange feathers. A flame-like crest rests on its head. A male Torchic has a black speck on its rear. The female Torchic lacks that black speck. Its weapon is the ability to shoot fireballs at its enemies. It is the lightest and slowest Fire-type starter Pokemon.

The Pokemon X and Y Torchic Distribution for the Mega Evolution of Blaziken is only available for a limited time (from Oct. 12, 2013 to Jan. 15, 2014). If you miss your chance to receive this rare Torchic as a gift, then kiss Mega Evolve Blaziken goodbye. That's why Pokemon X and Y players should take advantage of this rare Torchic gift by connecting to the Internet as soon as they can and following the Torchic Distribution Instructions and the steps to receive the torchic with the Blazikenite.

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