'Pokemon X and Y' Tips: New Texture Glitch Found; How to Catch a Shiny and a Mega Gengar

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Nintendo has just released the patch to fix the game-breaking bug found in Lumiose City, but there is another texture glitch found by the official "Pokemon X and Y" Facebook administrators.

What was previously thought to be a simple glitch similar to the allegedly spotted Missingno in "Pokemon X and Y," this texture glitch is that of the Pokemon Litleo. As seen in the photo in the link, the Litleo has a glittery striped appearance, a glaring texture glitch that transforms it into a weird-looking creature.

According to the administrators, it is best to avoid catching this Pokemon.

"Recently confirmed by Phantom Admin Zero from our Pokemon Trade Network page, who encountered and captured the pictured Litleo that has the texture glitch, when you catch a Pokemon with this glittery appearance, your game will freeze and you will be forced to restart your console and pick back up from your last save point, so avoid catching them," posted Char, an administrator of the page.

New Tip: Catching a Shiny

Despite the game having been out for weeks already, nobody still has seen and caught all the available Shinies in "Pokemon X and Y."

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are looking for new tips on how to get another Shiny in the game. Christian Post happens to have a new tip, this time involving tipping in the game.

Not a lot of people get the reason for tipping, but for this instance, it's a good act to get yourself a Shiny. All you need to do is go into a café. You have to go and battle the Pokemon of the waiter and then tip him after the battle. After that, you will likely encounter a "Pokemon X and Y Shiny," though this may not be possible 100% of the time.

There may also be instances when you would have to go for weeks without encountering another Shiny, but this is probably just another reason to stick with the game for a longer period of time.

Another tip to know if you've missed a Pokemon, so far, is to check out this map that lists down all the Pokemons in "Pokemon X and Y," along with how and where to catch them.

The Shiny Mega Gengar: Stats and a Video to Catch It

An elusive "Pokemon X and Y" Shiny is the Mega Gengar, but there have been sightings and compiled stats and abilities that have finally surfaced.

This listing came from GameSkinny.com, where a description and more details of Mega Gengar have been revealed. For one, the Shiny Mega Gengar has a white body colour with hints of a purplish hue on the arms. A mega evolved Mega Gengar will have increased defense, special attack, speed and special defense.

How to catch all Mega Evolutions: Read more here.

Another Shiny Pokemon that has been spotted is the Mega Gyarados, as can be seen in this video from YouTube user mulvone19. It's basically the Gyarados that has Mega Evolved.

Product-Reviews adds that using a Gengarite will give you the shiny Mega Gyarados. Watch it battle against a Gurdurr and use the Twister.

A video from YouTube user PIMPNITE shows off how to catch the Mega Gengar.

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