Pokemon X and Y Tips: All 718 Pokemons Charted for Strengths and Weaknesses and the Official Kalos Region Guidebook

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For those who are playing Pokemon X and Y and are not yet as familiar with all of the 718 Pokemons in the game, there's an easy cheat sheet where you can find the types and their effectiveness against another type.

Redditor theSprt has created this chart, which is a very exhaustive one as it lists down each Pokemon's type,damage abilities, and immunity against a particular type of Pokemon.

For example, you have Pokemon X and Y's Butterfree which is a Bug and Flying type Pokemon. It is Super Weak to a Rock type Pokemon and can get up to 4x the damage. It is also weak (2x the damage) against the Flying, Fire, Electric and Ice types of Pokemon.

Butterfree is listed to have normal damage against the following Pokemon types: Normal, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Water, Psychic, Dragon, Dark and Fairy. It is resistant to the Bug type, and super resistant (1/4x unaffected) to attacks of Fighting and Grass types. Lastly, it is immune to (take no damage) from the Ground type Pokemon.

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Imagine this kind of information all packed in one website for all 718 Pokemons in Pokemon X and Y. And even better, there's a search bar that lets you easily find your Pokemon by name.

The creator has noted that there are some Pokemons that have not yet been added. For instance, you can't find the mega evolution changes and Pokemon changing types. In addition, the ability to grant immunities are not taken into account. Though word has not yet been confirmed if the Redditor is planning to add in these details.

Gamers and fans appreciate the cross-check chart

Though many charts already exist in Reddit and online related to Pokemon X and Y, this is one of the most exhaustive, and already, other Redditors are expressing their appreciation for the hard work of theSprt.

"This is perfect! As many, many people do what you used to do: google Pokemon and cross reference," said Kaygee12.

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"Great job! Definite bookmark. I agree with previous posters, though, adding what their attacks are effective against would be great, too. If you added that, this could be the best type effectiveness guide period!" said pr0jectpat.

Suggestions from the fanbase have also been considered by the creator. In response to the possibility of creating the website into a potential match-up site, theSprt said, "I should be able to create a database of moves with their type and special/physical, and possible moves per Pokemon."

"Now that I think about it, it should be possible to save all Pokemon base stats, and then take the (Special) Attack and (Special) Defense into account to know which move (physical/special) will be the most effective."

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This suggestion can be the first step to making pokeffectiveness.com into a website that's more than just a simple cross-reference chart--there could be developments in terms of strategies and other helpful tips that can span Pokemon X and Y and other installments of the game.

The Official Kalos Region Guidebook

For those who are looking for official guides to the world of Pokemon X and Y, there's also an available guide that you can purchase. In the guidebook, you can read about tips on how to defeat trainers, gym leaders and the Elite Four.

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According to Kotaku, you can find detailed walkthroughs, recommended routes, and comparisons with scenarios found in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. But of course, all of the guides and tips are strictly about the story line.

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