Pokemon X and Y Special Battle and Battle Trozei Detailed; Twitch Plays Pokemon Still Growing

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The Pokemon X and Y Special Battle Season 3 rules have already been released, according to Serebii, and it will start on Feb. 25 for those who want to join.

Most of the rules reflect what has already been observed in the second season, including the Double Battle of Pokemons that should be from the Kalos Pokedex. As usual, Mewtwo, Yveltal, Zygarde, and Xerneas are all excluded. The Pokemons that you can use are also supposed to have been caught or hatched in the Kalos region. The Special Battle will end on May 13, so it's best to get your team ready for the fight.

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Serebii has also compiled the gameplay changes that will be coming to the Pokemon Battle Trozei, which includes the change in how to achieve various combinations in the puzzle. This time around, you need to pick up a Pokemon and move it instead of moving the rows horizontally and the columns vertically.

Capturing Pokemons for Pokemon Battle Trozei has also been changed up, from the simple match 'em, catch 'em style from the previous game to considering the attacks and type compatibility to the Pokemon you are attacking.

So you need to consider the Hit points of the Pokemon and make sure it gets to zero so you can capture it and move on.

Twitch Plays Pokemon craze still up

With the advent of Pokemon X and Y slowly coming from its immense high, a new Pokemon pastime has been spotted over at Twitch, titled Twitch Plays Pokemon.

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It has been ongoing as a game which has a very unique component--viewers are able to control the hero of Pokemon Red and Blue. But the catch is that all of the viewers can do so at the same time, just by inputting the command that they want the hero to do.

Joystiq has kept tabs with the game, which first attracted more than 10,000 viewers after just two days of being live for play. So far, the craze has turned to madness, as the viewer count has crossed 75,000 and even a more intense count of 300,000 unique visitors overall.

The creator of the stream is now implementing a new system to control the crowd a little better by way of democracy. Yes, there will be a voting scheme for those who want to throw in their two cents as to which move the hero will make next.

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In a way, this is still pretty much chaotic, if only because you only have a few seconds after making a decision before the action will be made. Moreover, there is also the possibility of putting how many times that action will be implemented.

Since the main craze of the game is to allow all the players a free hand and see the frenzy of the hero go all ways as much as it can, the report states that the voting system is not received well by everything. So much so that, as per the latest development, there is now a meter that lets viewers chose between anarchy or democracy as to the approach for the game.

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