'Pokemon X and Y' Rumours: 3 New Unobtainable Pokemons Found, New Mega Evolutions Hinted

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"Pokemon X and Y" is continuing its winning streak, as it goes past the mark and reaches 10 million Pokemons to have been exchanged by players. It goes to show that a lot of players are still hooked on the game, and with more reason, apparently, with the new information found by a hacker.

Apparently, in "Pokemon X and Y," you may not be able to "catch them all" because three Pokemons have been found to be unobtainable. Worse, they are said to be legendary Pokemons, according to Escapist MagazineThese new Pokemons were found by a hacker who has gone through the source code of "Pokemon X and Y." The report also comes with screenshots of the Pokemons, if you'd like to see them.

This could be where all the speculations and conspiracy theories about potential additional content and special events could come in. According to the report, these Pokemon may become obtainable through a special event.

Still, based on other reports, these are merely leaked images and have not yet been confirmed by Nintendo, in any way. But the images do look spot on, with regard to the overall design of the game, so there's a good chance that these Legendary Pokemons may be the real deal.

But it seems that these leaked images do mean that they have already been obtained by the hacker, who goes by the name of Smealum, bypassing the event that is said to be the venue where you can obtain them.

The three Legendary Pokemons are Diancie (a Jewel, Fairy/Rock type, going by rumours), Volcanion (a Fire and/or Water type) and Hoopa (a Fairy/Ghost or Psychic type).

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New Mega Evolutions Also Leaked

Aside from the themed Legendaries, there have also been leaks of new mega evolutions.

GameRant reports that these Pokemons are mega evolutions for Latios and Latias, with images provided in the link for a sneak peek. However, these are also not yet confirmed by Nintendo nor have they been detailed as to how they can be obtained in the game.

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More on 'Pokemon X and Y' Friend Safari

There's more to explore in "Pokemon X and Y's" Friend Safari, especially for those who are looking for Ditto. If you are trying to breed Pokemon to exchange them for the "X or Y" exclusive Pokemons, Ditto is your best bet to do so, which is why dropping by the Friend Safari is a good idea and a break from your actual exploration of the game.

Product-Reviews has reported a link via Reddit that will make your time in "Pokemon X and Y's" Friend Safari even more fun and easy, and allow you to catch two other rare Pokemons, with Eevee being one of them.

Basically, the link in the report lets players see some of the 3DS Friend Codes that players have shared. If you're a first-time user of the Friend Safari, this is a pretty normal activity, so that you can have an easier run in the Friend Safari.

Check out the link and try your hand at Friend Safari to expand your "Pokemon X and Y" experience.

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