Pokemon X and Y Post-Pokemon Bank Theory List; What You Can Get With Poke Miles

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[UPDATE: More information has been found for the Pokemon X and Y from an individual who hacked into the game again.]

"Pokemon X and Y" alone already has a number of mysteries and clues that can be found in the NPCs, locked regions and even the dialogue hints scattered all over the game.

It has already been hinted before that the one of the dialogues of a "Pokemon X and Y" NPC has hinted the appearance of the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter, and this is one of the reasons why Redditor Cacciator has compiled a list of post-bank mysteries in the game.

Before "Pokemon X and Y's" Pokemon Bank gets back in the Nintendo eShop, here's a look at the possible mysteries in "Pokemon X and Y's" Kalos region, so players know where to start hunting for the answers to these secrets:

1.    Couriway Train: There seems to be nothing special about this, but the fact that it currently adds nothing to the game is something worth considering. Questions like whether a Pokemon that only exists outside "Pokemon X and Y" may trigger something or that an event may be held in Couriway Train come to mind.

2.    Lumiose Ghost: The girl that appears right after a player gets off the elevator is one of the creepier mysteries in "Pokemon X and Y." After the lights flicker, she tells players that they are not the one, which could mean that the criteria to fulfill this may come from a transported Pokemon.

3.    Strange Souvenir: According to Cacciator, players will get a Strange Souvenir after talking to a man who goes from hotel to hotel. There is currently no information on what that souvenir does, but it might be another mystery connected to the Pokemon Bank.

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Fans have also given their own mysterious encounters in "Pokemon X and Y," such as Slagathor91, who suggested that there may be something in the figurine given by a man in a hotel. The figurine is said to be from another region, whose origin and more information are slated to be seen "soon enough."

Redditor mdstandeford brings up the Lumiose Train Station, wherein a boy will tell the player, "It should be someplace right around here, right?" The Redditor speculates that it could be an event that will allow gamers access to a new or an old region, accessible via the empty train track.

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Poke Miles: What You Can Do With Them

Even though the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter for "Pokemon X and Y" are still both unavailable for most of the gamers in North America and Europe, it's best to get acquainted with what players can do and expect from the service.

One of the new perks that players can enjoy is the addition of a new currency for "Pokemon X and Y," which are Poke Miles. According to Bulbapedia, these can be earned in a number of ways while playing the game or playing against others in online battles and trading.

The best thing about it is that Poke Miles can be exchanged for in-game items or even sent via Game Sync to the Pokemon Global Link for redemption of online prizes.

Players who are interested in using the Poke Miles in shops in the game for more items can head over to the South Boulevard in Lumiose City, where a gentleman will supposedly exchange certain items with players for a set number of Poke Miles.

Here's a rough list of what players can exchange the Poke Miles for in Lumiose City:

-       Berry Juice: 10 points

-       Ether: 120 points

-       Full Heal: 30 points

-       Full Restore: 300 points

-       Hyper Potion: 60 points

-       Max Potion: 125 points

-       Max Repel: 35 points

-       Max Revive: 400 points

-       Moomoo Milk: 20 points

-       PP Up: 1,000 points

-       Rare Candy: 500 points

-       Ultra Ball: 60 points

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"Pokemon X and Y" gamers who want to use them to exchange items online, redeemable from messenger at Pokemon Centers, will be happy to know that these items are far less expensive than those in-game:

-       Berry Juice: 4 points

-       Ether: 48 points

-       Full Heal: 12 points

-       Full Restore: 120 points

-       Heart Scale: 100 points

-       Hyper Potion: 24 points

-       Lemonade: 5 points

-       Max Potion: 49 points

-       Max Repel: 13 points

-       Max Revive: 200 points

-       Moomoo Milk: 8 points

-       PP Up: 500 points

-       Rare Candy: 250 points

One feature to look forward to involving the Poke Miles would be the ability to use them in attractions so players can also receive items, but this is not yet available as a feature, even for those who were lucky enough to download the Pokemon Bank before it was taken off the eShop.

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