'Pokemon X and Y': Pokemon Bank No-Charge Trial Period Update

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The "Pokemon X and Y" Pokemon Bank app was supposed to be released last Dec. 27, 2013, along with the Poke Transporter but it was postponed because of the high volume of traffic on the Nintendo Network service. Pokemon Bank allows players to deposit, store, and manage their Pokemon in private Boxes on the Internet. It is a paid service from Nintendo, with an annual charge of AU$6.50, NZ$8.50, $4.99 (US and Canada), £4.49 (UK), €4.99 (Europe), ¥500 (Japan), ₩5000 (South Korea), $40 (Hong Kong) and $150 (Taiwan) for usage. The good news is that players can try it first for a limited time without having to pay any fees. "Pokemon X and Y" players can take advantage of the no-charge trial period for the Pokemon Bank including the Poke Transporter app by downloading it between Dec, 27, 2013 and Jan. 31, 2014. By doing so, they will get a complimentary trial pass for 30 days. When the no-charge trial period is over, then the aforementioned charges will be applied.

Unfortunately, because of Nintendo's server issues, the no-charge trial period has been postponed as well. Some say that it will be extended up to February 2014, but Nintendo hasn't confirmed it yet. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014, Nintendo of America announced on its official Twitter account that the Pokemon Bank and the Poke Transporter has been launched in some Asian countries including South Korea and Japan. This gave some Pokemon fans a glimmer of hope because it means that the launch of the Pokemon Bank in other regions, including North America and Europe, will not be far behind. This goes for the no-charge trial period as well which will take place once the Pokemon Bank goes live in the players' area. Nintendo of America also said that more information about the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter will be released in the future.

Meanwhile, Nintendo of Europe apologised to the "Pokemon" fans for the delay and the inconvenience. They said that they will closely monitor the experiences of the players in the Asian countries where Pokemon Bank has been re-released as they prepare for the European release of the Pokemon Bank.

Check out Daan Koopman's (@NintenDaan) Twitter post about the Pokemon Bank:

Regarding the Pokemon Bank no-charge trial period, "Pokemon X and Y" players need to keep in mind that If the trial pass has already expired and they do not purchase a new pass for their Pokemon Bank, then they must withdraw the stored Pokemon immediately. If not, they might end up losing the Pokemon that is left in the Pokemon Bank Boxes. The remaining Pokemon stored in the Pokemon Bank can only be withdrawn for a set period of time, so players must hurry and withdraw all of their Pokemon as soon as they can. Or, they can purchase a new annual pass so they can continue using the Pokemon Bank.

No word yet on how long is this grace period of withdrawing Pokemon from the Pokemon Bank after the no-charge trial period is over.

In case of broken, lost or damaged Nintendo 3DS Systems while using the Pokemon Bank, contact the Nintendo Service Center. Click HERE to see Nintendo Australia and New Zealand's contact information.

Stay tuned for more "Pokemon X and Y" Pokemon Bank updates including its no-charge trial period as well as its release in other parts of the world including North America and Europe.

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