'Pokemon X and Y' News: Pokemon Bank Free Trial to End and 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' Progress So Far [VIDEOS]

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The Pokemon Bank free trial for those who have just enjoyed the service will be ending come Feb 21, so it's time to either make the most out of the service or decide if it's worth keeping it while playing "Pokemon X and Y."

Serebii reports that the 30-day free trial for the Pokemon Bank has allowed gamers the storage and transfer abilities from the "Pokemon Black," "White," "Black 2" and "White 2" games.

Of course, the free trial expiration for the Pokemon Bank applies to those who have enjoyed the service during its first release for Japanese Nintendo 3DS devices. Once Feb 21 ends, those with Japanese Nintendo 3DS will only have a short time to renew their subscription.

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Otherwise, gamers need to withdraw all their Pokemons stored, lest they be deleted from the Pokemon Bank.

Those who are in the U.S. and European territories still have until March 14 to enjoy the free trial.

'Twitch Plays Pokemon': Update on What's Happening

So far, "Twitch Plays Pokemon" has reached a week of playing for what appears to be thousands of Twitch players and spectators. And along the way, a lot of things have already happened despite what may seem a big potential for a lack of progress with the sheer number of participants.

"Twitch Plays Pokemon" already has a Google updates list, where the goal changes as the game progresses. As of this writing, the current goal is to reach the top of the Pokemon tower.

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So far, four badges have been collected, with 78 Pokemon seen and 14 owned. But the biggest excitement, according to fans who are watching "Twitch Plays Pokemon," would be accessing the PC, as there are so many unpredictable things that could happen.

In one video recorded by YouTube user GoldenRoy, dubbed as The Great Massacre of 6d 22h, CCC and x were both released. CCC appears to be a Hitmonlee and x was an X-Wing, and this happened within 5 seconds of each other.

(Credit: YouTube/TheGoldenroy)

"I don't care what anyone thinks, getting to the PC is always the most exciting part. There's so much that could go wrong," said Aqeelk over at "Twitch Plays Pokemon" Reddit.

"I think everyone s*** themselves whenever the PC was accessed. The danger became present so once we got the Helix Fossil everyone said that was good enough. A moral victory till we summon up the courage to approach the PC again, it'll probably take another day," said Sloppyfox.

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The Helix fossil is another item that has been making huge waves in forums. Kotaku reports that it used to be stored in the PC by the players, so they couldn't access it as in the inventory. But in a later update, it seems that the Helix fossil is now out of the PC.

Aside from accessing the PC, another thing that went wrong during "Twitch Plays Pokemon" is the fact that everyone was able to evolve Eevee, but instead of a Vapereon, they ended up with a Flareon, the latter of which would have been useful later in the game.

It seems that it boiled to choosing the right thing, which ended up in tragedy instead, as it led to two other Pokemons, Abby (a Charmeleon) and Jay Leno (a Rattata), being released a mere seconds after the other.

Check out the live updates in the Google Forms for "Twitch Plays Pokemon" or become a spectator yourself in the "Twitch Plays Pokemon" live stream.

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