'Pokemon X and Y' News: More Information has Been Announced for Diancie; TGC Detailed with Release Dates

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After the earlier revelation that one of the hacked Pokemons previously, Diancie, is real, another batch of CoroCoro images from Serebii has revealed more information about the new Pokemon.

According to the source, Diancie will have the ability of Clear Body. The new Pokemon will also have the ability to learn moves like Hyper Beam and Explosion. It was also mentioned that Diancie will have a part in the movie "Cocoon of Destruction," which has been retitled to be "Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie."

In the movie, it is said to have "a grand adventure with the princess of the Diamond Ore Country."

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A new distribution event has also been announced, which will be specified for March's issue of CoroCoro. Apparently, that is when the special Serial Code will be released. It's similar to the way the Garchomp event was held in 2013, this time, a one-time access to a special Charizard is granted.

Those who are playing "Pokemon X" will get the Charizard with a Charizardite Y, while those with "Pokemon Y" will get the Charizard holding the Charizardite X.

Flashfire TGC Booster and Garchomp-EX Box Revealed

Over at "Pokemon X & Y" Facebook page, an unofficial fan page for the franchise, the Flashfire TGC Booster was also announced. These include the booster packs for the Flashfire, Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Charizard X and Y, and Pyroar.

The Flashfire pack is said to have more than 100 cards in the pack, five Pokemon-EX and three Mega pokemon-EX.

The pack will be out by May 7. Check out the link above to see a snapshot of the Flashfire cards.

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Here's another one for collectors of trading cards out there: the Garchomp-EX Box has been revealed, and it includes a number of items inside.

There's the promotional card, 3 XY booster packs and another one from a BW expansion. There's also a promotional Garchomp-EX included in the pack. Garchomp-EX is a Dragon Type Pokemon that delivers the Dual Chop, doling out 30 times the damage. Da-Planet adds that the foil promo card is a never-before-seen version, so it's a must-have for collectors.

The Garchomp-EX Box will be released by April 1 at only around $20.

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Soundtracks Out Again

Lastly, for those who have been collecting the soundtracks of the Pokemon games, two more soundtracks have been released in North American and Europe. The Pokemon Company has just released the "Pokemon Ruby" and "Sapphire" soundtracks, which have 109 tracks from the two games.

These are now available on the iTunes for $9.99, and according to Serebii, there are still a couple more remaining soundtracks to be released in 2014, including "Diamond & Pearl," "Black & White," and "Black 2" & "White 2."

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