Pokemon X and Y News: Discount Coupon for Global Link, Pokemon Bank Update; Composer Leaves Game Freak; More Movie Details Revealed

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[UPDATE: Breeding guide for Pokemon X and Y, plus more news on Nintendo's 3DS.]

Recently, it was revealed that the Balloon Popping attraction will be the first activity for the Pokemon Global Link via the "Pokemon X and Y's" PokeMileage Club. This activity is heading for both North America and Europe on Jan 14, and it will allow players to get items that they can use for Pokemon Evolution.

The way this is created is that players can get access to more levels with more medals earned. But it also entails spending Poke Miles while playing "Pokemon X and Y," reports Nintendo-Insider.

There is also a Discount Coupon which can be obtained via the PokeMileage Club, which will allow the gamer one-time use of the coupon in order to have a 50 per cent off on any transaction conducted in the Kalos region boutiques.

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Players can use the Discount Coupon for more than one item when doing the same transaction, though it won't be available via normal gameplay. The timeframe to obtain this is from Janu 14 to March 3.

In related news, those who have been waiting for the Pokemon Bank may have to wait a little longer, as the latest update on the feature from Nintendo still has not yet detailed any release dates.

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"Serebii Note: Nintendo posts another message about Pokemon Bank. Still resolving & testing issues and details will come as soon as possible," said a tweet from the official Serebii Twitter.

This doesn't seem to have any relevant or specific detail, but at least it's good to know that Nintendo is trying its best to make sure that the followers of "Pokemon X and Y" are updated.

Details for 'Pokemon XY: Cocoon of Destruction'

The upcoming "Pokemon X and Y" movie, "Cocoon of Destruction," which is set to debut this 2014, received another update by way of Japanese magazine CoroCoro. Siliconera reports that there will be battle of legendary proportions between "Pokemon X and Y" legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal.

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In addition, fans will also be given a chance to vote on what kind of bonus gift they want to come with the advance ticket purchases. According to the report, there are four Pokemons that fans can choose from, namely Jirachi, Darkrai, Manaphy and Victini. Of course, this is only available for the Japanese showing starting July 19, so for those who are in Japan during that time, best to drop by theaters to catch the "Pokemon X and Y" movie.

'Pokemon X and Y,' Black and White Music Composer Leaves Game Freak

Those who have consistently loved the music from "Pokemon Black and White," "Pokemon HeartGold" and "SoulSilver" and the latest "Pokemon X and Y" may be a bit saddened to learn that the music composer for all the games, Shota Kageyama, has decided to part ways with Game Freak.

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According to Anime News Network, 2014 was greeted with Mr Kageyama's decision to pursue his own direction away from the Pokemon game company.

"[Greetings] Happy New Year, everyone. I'm sorry to raise a personal matter, but I left (graduated) GAME FREAK, who has been good to me these past six years and seven months, on December 31 to start a new music brand called Spica Music," said Shota Kageyama via his Twitter account.

Still, this isn't to say that fans won't be hearing anything more from Mr Kageyama, as he will continue to make good music, albeit in a different direction from what fans were used to hearing via Pokemon games.

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