'Pokemon X and Y' News: Diancie Now Unveiled as Official Mythical Pokemon, More Details on 'The Cocoon of Destruction' Movie

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It's finally official. Diancie, one of the three hacked Pokemons that made a buzz last year, has now been announced as an official mythical Pokemon by Nintendo.

Over at the official "Pokemon X and Y" Web site, a snapshot of Diancie, similar to what was previously leaked, can be shown in all its glory, with some new information to boot.

According to Nintendo, Diancie can create diamonds magically out of thin air. Diancie does this by compressing the carbon in the atmosphere using only its hands. These diamonds will then be used in battle to attack Diancie's enemies and to protect itself from their attacks.

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It has also been confirmed that Diancie is a Rock/Fairy type, with a Clear Body ability, height of 2'04" and weight of 19.4 pounds. What's more, it's a Jewel Pokemon, one that seems to attract groups of Carbink to it. But the info sheet states that Diancie has its own will and pays little attention to Carbinks.

Nintendo seems to be readying more information about Diancie, particularly on how gamers can get it for the "Pokemon X and Y" game.

More Details for 'The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie'

It was previously reported that Diancie may just have a huge role in the upcoming "Pokemon X and Y" movie, considering that the title has been modified to include Diancie.

Serebii has gathered a few more information about the plot of the movie due in theaters in Japan this July 19. It seems that the setting of the story is Diamond Ore Country, and Diancie is the princess of the land. This country is deep underground, and the Carbink live here in peace.

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There is such a thing as a Sacred Diamond, which serves as the energy source of Diamond Ore Country. The Sacred Diamond is related to Diancie's ability to create diamonds with its hands, as Princess Diancie is the only one who can create the Scared Diamond,

The twist in this "Pokemon X and Y" movie is that there is not just one Diancie, but generations of them, and the current ruling princess Diancie is not yet capable of producing the Sacred Diamond. Trouble starts when the Sacred Diamond's power is about to run out, ending the country in the process.

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This is where the heroes, Ash and Pikachu, come in, as they try to search for the legendary Pokemon Xerneas to obtain the sacred power to help princess Diancie. The other legendary Pokemon Yveltal will also be making an appearance as the Destruction Pokemon, as the heroes will stumble upon the cocoon where it lies in wait.

It sounds like a pretty epic battle between creation and destruction, and one where the Pokemon heroes Ash and Pikachu will find themselves in the middle of. Hopefully, Nintendo will release more information about the "The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie" once it releases the details to obtaining the newest addition to "Pokemon X and Y."

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