'Pokemon X and Y News': Diancie May be Pokemon #719, Coming in Movie; PokeCheck to Include Gen 6

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Remember the three leaked Pokemons that was first hacked in the game by @smea? It seems that the rumours may just have found truth in them, as Serebii got its hands on recent CoroCoro translated information that Pokemon #719 has been revealed.

Based on the scans seen in the magazine, it looks like Pokemon #719 is Diancie, one of the three previously leaked, alongside Volcanion and Hoopa. As mentioned before, Diancie is a Rock/Fairy-type Pokemon.

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But what's even more interesting is that it will have a role in the upcoming "Pokemon X and Y" movie, which is said to have been re-titled to "Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie." No word yet on whether Diancie is the only Pokemon coming or if the two others that it was leaked with will also come to "Pokemon X and Y" officially.

There seems to be more information awaiting translation, but for now, at least there's may be one more new Pokemon that's coming out for "Pokemon X and Y."

Pokecheck Getting 'Pokemon X and Y' Support

For those who have already tried Pokecheck, a fake GTS stats recorder, a recent update on its Web site has announced that it may support "Pokemon X and Y" as early as March.

On the Pokecheck Web site, the administrators have announced that they still need the translations up to date, but those who have been using this already know that Pokecheck can be used in generation 4 and 5 games.

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Technically, what Pokecheck does is it pretty much allows players to know all the stats of their Pokemon and has a unique "cloning" feature. Pokecheck lets them check a number of stats, like IVs, EVs, PID, secret ID, hidden power and Pokemon hidden power type and power.

Players can also check for the legality of the Pokemon, though this is mostly for generation 5 as of now. Pokecheck also lets gamers transfer generation 4 Pokemon to generation 5 with no restrictions.

What's interesting about Pokecheck is the particular cloning feature. According to some forums, this has been used by a number of gamers, as it allows them to upload a Pokemon to the GTS and get a copy of the pkm that can be made available for others to download for breeding or for their Pokedex.

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According to a NeoSeeker user Amelie1248, cloning a Pokemon through Pokecheck is easy enough so long as players own the Pokemon.

"All you have to do is follow the instructions to register your save file to your Pokecheck account. Once you've done that, there will be a new button near the bottom that says 'clone on the GTS.' If they're not your Pokemon, meaning not your TID, it's not possible."

Check out the complete instructions, guidelines and more information on Pokecheck over at the link above.

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