Pokemon X and Y: More Rumours for New Game; Pokemon Global Link Attraction Announced; Prepping for Pokebank

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[UPDATE: Here are some tips on how to get your Gold Trainer card, as well as some changes in the Official Pokemon Championships.]

[UPDATE 2: An informal test to see if Friend Safari is an efficient venue for getting Shiny Pokemons in Pokemon X and Y.]

Continuing from the previously reported leaks for the upcoming game following "Pokemon X and Y," here are some more new information coming from Dual Pixels' anonymous source.

As previously mentioned, it seems that there is already a new generation in development, even though the current "Pokemon X and Y" is still enjoying the hype, especially with a lot of gamers looking forward to the release of the Pokemon Bank.

The following is a round up of information from the source:

-       There are already concept artworks coming in from and being exchanged between The Pokemon Company and Nintendo for the next game.

-       There is also a new team villain, which is said to be "Sohei Zelots" types. They believe in an old system where they have to stick with the Pokemon, whose egg they have been given, until they die.

-       Because of the above notion, the theme for the game following "Pokemon X and Y" may be the old tradition vs. new exploration, which is the kind of "gotta catch 'em all" quest that Pokmeon trainers undergo.

-       The mainland may have an MMO-like environment, where everyone can chat, trade and experience updated storylines.

-       Those who aren't into battling can also participate in the Pokemon Band, which is said to be a new feature where Pokemons can dance and make music to achieve a high group score.

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Balloon Popping as First Attraction

The first attraction in the "Pokemon X and Y" PokeMileage club has already been announced. According to Serebii, Global Link will feature Balloon Popping via its Web site.

Those planning to take part in it will need to wait for details because that's as far as what's been revealed. But they can get items depending on their abilities in the game as well as the cost of PokeMiles to play.

Along with this, there is a Discount Coupon item that gives players 50 per cent off on all boutiques in the Kalos region. Starting Jan 15, this will be available in Japan and will be available one per game. It will also come to North America and Europe, though the rlease dates are not yet known.

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Prep for the Pokemon Bank as Early as Now

A lot of people are waiting for Nintendo to finally announce the release date for the Pokebank. Sadly, there are no news yet of a definite date when it will be back on the eShop.

While waiting for that day to arrive, those interested in the Pokebank can prep themselves and their accounts so that they can have a more seamless time getting it (barring sure downtimes because of the demand).

After registering a Nintendo Network ID, which is required to access the Pokemon Bank, they can follow these few simple tips that Megapokemonxy Tumblr has listed down for fans.

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For those who have hacked Pokemons using Poke-Gen, one tip is put a box with all the other hacked Pokemons. Players need to verify if they are authentic or not because transferring a hacked Pokemon can cause problems.

Also, it's said that the Pokemon Bank can spot hacks, and according to Megapokemonxy, it seems that the legit ones from "Pokemon X and Y" have a diamond image in the summary. There is no word, however, if this is the market that would be the checker for hacked Pokemons.

It also doesn't hurt if players prepare boxes for the Pokemons that they'll be transferring. But remember, Pokemons who are holding berries or other items cannot go through the Pokemon Bank.

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