Pokemon X and Y: More Details on Pokemon Bank, Celebi Event and Shiny Egg Abuse

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With news of Pokemon X and Y's Pokemon Bank getting back to select areas of Asia already running rampant, there are a few more details that may further explain what Nintendo has done over the course of the delay.

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According to Serebii, the fact that Pokemon Bank has been brought back to Japan's eShop and made available for download was so that players who were able to download it the first time can update it.

The patch for Pokemon X and Y's Pokemon Bank is said to bring countermeasures into the software so that it would lessen the chances for server overload. A free trial for this software has been made available until February 21.

In the updates section of Serebii, you can find the QR code that can take you to the download of the patch. The report states that the fix allows Pokemon Bank to connect to the servers while also removing the multiple connections to the Nintendo Network ID server, eShop server an Bank server. This time, the Pokemon Bank need only to connect to the Nintendo Network ID server before going to the Bank server.

This may have been done to avoid flooding the eShop server once the Pokemon Bank gets back online for download.

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Celebi event connected to Pokemon Bank?

Over at Reddit, michaelchief has posted an image of a Celebi Pokemon that came from an event on the Pokemon Bank.

As can be seen in the image, it comes as a mystery gift, and the Redditor states that it is perfect in HP, Special Defense and Speed. What's more, it seems that each Pokemon Bank is connected to a 3DS instead of a Pokemon cartridge or anything else.

The discussion at Reddit seems to speculate the fact that even if you have both the Pokemon X and Y, but only one 3DS to play them on, you may not be able to get two Celebies for having both Pokemon X and Y.

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"It's bad news for anyone who wants a second Celebi, or for kids who have to share their 3DS (but not Pokemon game cartridge) with siblings. Imagine two kids, one with the X and the other with Y, having to share a 3DS," said Redditor jupigare.

Pokemon Shiny Eggs and a new eggsploit?

There has been a previous finding wherein you can obtain a Shiny Egg using the destiny knot and Time machine method. Now, a new finding reveals that the Shiny rate when using both the Shiny Charm and the destiny knot will actually increase the rate up to 1:400.

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A community-driven project has compiled data where players over at Smogon have tried using the Masuda Method and the Shiny charm with 50,000 eggs. One case was depicted as having bred Magikarps and managed to change the destiny knot's chosen IVs and the Shiny was near flawless offspring's species type.

Generally, it seems that the Shininess of a Pokemon can be predetermined by the seed when you accept or decline the egg. But there's an additional finding that you may only alter it when you use a power item to change the IVs.

"Changing the breeding pair of Pokemon's gender ratio TO A SET GENDER POKEMON though will retain shininess and reveal the second set of inherited IV's for the Shiny seed," said Redditor and thread poster thathipstergamer.

You can check the discussions over at the thread via the link above.

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