Pokemon X and Y: How to Get a Gold Trainer Card; Torchic Event Reminder; Pokemon X and Y Official Championship Series Versions

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For those who are still enjoying the "Pokemon X and Y" but still haven't gotten their Gold Trainer Card, here are a few tips on how to do so, taken from Redditors who are giving out some substantial tips so you don't need miss your winning streak and learn the hard way.

Recently, Redditor An-droid posted a Gold Card that was obtained after a 50 streak in the Battle Maison. Trainer Cards, according to Serebii, are those that change colour depending on the achievements that a player has already attained in the game.

In "Pokemon X and Y," players start with a Green Trainer Card, then progress to Blue, Silver and finally, they get the Gold Trainer card when they reach the third stage.

To see progress in a player's Trainer Card, they need to Complete the Kalos Pokedex Dex, defeat the Elite Four and battle through one of the Battle Maison facilities and defeat the leader at the 50th streak.

Redditor h_n_g_m_n gave three main tips to get players through the Battle Maison. First is to avoid having to miss even one attack, as it can be a player's Achilles' heel. Second is that players should be aware of their team's state, especially the one who's doing battle---switch out when something seems wrong. Lastly, one should keep a priority move at hand, so that it can save a player at the last minute or be that secret weapon that puts the battle in their favor.

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'Pokemon X and Y' Now the Official Versions for Championships

It's time to say goodbye to the "Pokemon Black 2 and White 2" for the upcoming Pokemon World Championships, as Nintendo announces that the "Pokemon X and Y" will be the new titles that will be used for these competitions.

According to Venture Beat, the upcoming Pokemon Championship Series will be held in the U.S., starting with five regional events in January. Whoever finishes at the top will be awarded with trophies and entries into the U.S. National Championships. The winner will also have the potential to compete in the 2014 World Championships, which will take place in Washington, D.C. come August later in the year.

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All Pokemon regional events are open to anyone so long as they have a 3DS and the "Pokemon X or Y" game. The Winter Regional Championships will be held at Salem, OR, Doswell, VA, Long Beach, Ca, St. Charles, MO and Orlando, Fl.

Last Chance to Get Your Torchic Pokemon

Back when "Pokemon X and Y" had just been release, there was a Torchic Event that was held for gamers to obtain the fire starter who showed up in the Gen 3 game, the event is currently running until now but will only last until Jan 15, so those interested have to make sure that they get it before the offer expires.

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When players get Torchic, its stats will look something like this, as listed by Nintendo Life:

-       Level 10

-       Holds Blazikenite Stone

-       Moves are Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember

-       Has a Premier Ribbon and Speed Boost Ability

-       It also has a Random nature

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