Pokemon X & Y Backwards Compatibility: Merging the Old with the New

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The "Pokemon X & Y" video game has a unique feature known as backwards compatibility which sets it apart from other roleplaying games (RPG) out there. This means that the Pokemon monsters used by players in the older versions of the Pokemon game can still be used in the new version.

Backwards compatibility means that a new product or technology can still work using an older product or technology. This includes the ability to read, receive, view or play older formats or versions.

This feature of the game allows players who have played the older versions of the game to still use their favorite monsters from before. This is very appealing to the fans of the game because a lot of them are sentimental about their Pokemon monsters. They become somewhat attached to these critters. Some of the players' Pokemon monsters have even been around since 2003!

And, it is also good for Nintendo, the well-known Japanese video game company who owns and publishes Pokemon. With the "Pokemon X & Y" game's backwards compatibility, they are able to cultivate a dedicated fan base of players who will want to continue playing the new versions of the game without having to let go of their favorite characters.

This is one of the reasons why Pokemon is so popular and is hugely successful not just as a video game but as an entire media franchise that has an anime, manga, toys, books, trading cards and other products.

Yes it has great characters to begin with, but more importantly, it has great character development to sustain not only the Pokemon game, but also the entire brand.

However this wasn't always the case for Pokemon. It did make mistakes in the past like when they released the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire in the U.S. for the Game Boy Advance. That particular game was not backward compatible with the old Game Boy. Plus, the monsters had new personalities, traits and base stats completely different from the older versions, rendering the old characters unusable.

Naturally, the fans didn't like it because they couldn't use Charizard, Gengar and the entire Evee line anymore. Because of this, Pokemon's famous tag line "catch them all," cannot be done as well, which somehow defeated the purpose of the game.

Thankfully, Nintendo came to its senses and made its next Pokemon versions backward compatible. So, the older fans came back and merged with the new fans. This happened around 2007, at the height of the popularity of the Nintendo DS and its games, which included Pokemon. And because the game can also be played online, Pokemon fans around the world have connected with each other using the Internet and social media to talk about the game, share tips, trade and play with each other.

And this is why "Pokemon X & Y," is so popular now, compared to other games.

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