Before ‘Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’: ‘Pokemon X and Y’ Vivillion and Alleged Hoopa Events Detailed

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"Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" is still a long ways away, and the expected updates from CoroCoro are not yet out.

"Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" reveal trailer (via YouTube/The Official Pokemon Channel)

But those who are still hooked to The Pokemon Company's most recent game out, the "Pokemon X and Y," there's still some piece of good news for players.

Announced by Serebii, a special form of Vivillion has been announced for the "Pokemon X and Y" game. The condition is that 100 million Pokemon should have been traded on the GTS with Vivillion being the most traded so that fans can get the free Fancy Pattern form of the Pokemon.

Currently, there are now 85 million trades, with only 15 million to go for the distribution to happen. The count tallies worldwide distributions, so anyone can join to help out the entire community.

Hoopa Event Also Uncovered for "Pokemon X and Y"

Another event, though still unannounced, has been discovered via tinkering of the "Pokemon X and Y" coding. Found by Pokebeach, the report states that hackers have now found the hidden Hoopa event after a Diancie event was also revealed way back in February.

The event happens once you have a special Hoopa in your party and after you talk to a man in the Parfum Palace Library. The source has the transcript of the conversation taking place between the man and the player, but basically, the NPC will share with you some findings that he has of the Pokemon Hoopa.

These include the mysterious rings of Hoopa, wherein the transporting power is commensurate to the size of the rings, the secret of Hoopa's lair, which is said to have a lot of objects and treasures, and even the story of an organization that had tried to take advantage of Hoopa's power.

An interesting note about Hoopa is that it doesn't seem to be your average nice Pokemon. "Whether Hoopa becomes a trustworthy partner or ends up bringing about great misfortune depends entirely on the Trainer. I hope you don't forget that," said the NPC from Parfum Palace Library via Pokebeach.

There was also a mention about Volcanion (one of the Pokemons that have been found by hacked @smealum way back for "Pokemon X and Y" as well as Diancie, which is now involved in her own movie, "Pokemon X and Y: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction."

You can find more details about Volcanion's powers and events related to this Pokemon, as well as mention of Diancie in the link above.

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