Pogo Charger with Magnetic Connector for Google Nexus 10 Emerged

By @ibtimesau on

If you are a Nexus 10 owner or considering a purchase of this Samsung-manufactured big-sized tablet for Google, take pleasure in knowing that charging this Android device would be more convenient over the next few weeks or even days.

Citing a forum post by jstevenkim, who claims to work for a Korean manufacturing contractor, Android Central reported the commercial availability of a Pogo charger for the 10-inch Google tablet.

Likely release date for this latest Nexus 10 accessory is mid-December or before Christmas time, the forum poster said, which suggests that the charger will hit stores starting this week.

So what's so cool with this Nexus 10 companion tool? Fans of Apple's MagSafe connector would definitely agree that charging and connecting their Mac computers on a power outlet is a bit unique thanks to the special engineering that came with the Apple charging device.

Obviously inspired by this Apple creation, the Pogo charger "would be held in contact with the tablet's pogo pins magnetically," Android Central said.

But aesthetic is not only the value of MagSafe connector. It prevents a device from falling over while being charged in case somebody trips on the wire. Instead of bringing the device with it, the connector is designed to easily disconnect from a device's port, thanks to the magnetic connectors.

Expectedly, this Pogo charger for the Nexus 10 is to function in the same way, giving another plus for the signature that has already generated its fair amount of good reviews from tech experts.

he charger, should you want to power up the Nexus 10 besides its usual charging channel via microUSB, can be had between the price ranges of $20 and $25. It will be sold initially on online store sites such as Amazon and eBay.

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