PM Tony Abbott Winks at Sex Line Worker’s Call

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In the wake of the controversial budget of 2014, Prime Minister Tony Abbott take calls from the public live to answer their budget queries.

An angry pensioner, Gloria, 67, called and made a very interesting introduction to make her message across.

"I work on an adult sex line to make ends meet", Gloria said.

This made the whole room stir.

However, Mr Abbott's reaction was "priceless". He winked, smiled in the direction of ABC Radio host Jon Faine and beamed widely as Gloria went about criticising his budget policy.

 "I'm a 67-year-old pensioner. Three chronic incurable medical conditions, two life threatening. I just survive on around $400 a fortnight after I pay my rent. I work on an adult sex line to make ends meet.

Now that's the only way I can do it."

Gloria then went about telling the things she had to give up due to the budget cut.

 "Food, electricity, firewood, Christmas, birthday presents to my grandchildren or should we all just die and get out of your way?"

Mr Abbott tried to tell her that she will still be receiving carbon tax compensation even when it had been axed from the budget.

 "But you don't give stuff though do you. I don't feel very nice about you Mr Abbott," Gloria said sternly.

Business Insider Australia is out with a funny GIF of Mr Abbott's reaction.

The spokesperson for the prime minister said that Mr Abbott winked to signal his team that he will take the call even if it has a potential to be controversial on the onset.

Mr Abbott had always been highly criticised for being sexist as highlighted during bouts with ex-prime minister Julia Gillard.

However, a recent survey from Newspoll done for The Australian showed that he was less despised than Ms Gillard and Paul Keating.

Paul Keating remained the most unpopular prime minister in Australia for deficit reducing taxation right on August 1993. Ms Gillard is at second due to the AWU scandal in 2011.

Mr Abbott's approval rating had been dismal after taxes and cuts for the budget 2014 were announced last week. Since his election in September, Mr Abbott's approval rating did not go beyond 30 per cent.

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